Nature-Blended Architecture: 10 stunning treehouses you would like to stay

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Pigna by Architetto Beltrame Claudio

Architecture is constantly evolving, from designing on earth, in water, reaching the sky, and now building high up on trees. Designing and constructing treehouses are challenging process. It is an architectural typology that can bring people into proximity with the nature around us. Treehouses are captivating architectural structures that are usually designed as a person’s getaway place, primarily residences, resorts, etc. It is the best design approach for a designer to build closer to the natural environment.

Treehouse structures are evolving with modern technological inventions, from a simple deck structure to a two-level structure. The design of treehouses has evolved through time, incorporating the evolution of materials, structural design, and form application.

Materials utilized for Treehouse design

The 7th Room by Snøhetta

Some commonly utilized materials for treehouse construction;

  • Wood
  • Bamboo
  • Glass
  • Metal (aluminum, steel, etc)

10 Unique treehouse architecture around the world

Listed here are ten unique treehouses around the world;

1. Tree Hotel (Mirror Cube) | Sweden


Location: Harads, Sweden
Treehouse typology: Hotel
Construction: Completed in 2010
Design: Tham & Videgard Arkitekter

The mirror hotel is camouflaged amidst nature located far north of Sweden in Harads. This lightweight aluminum mirror structure (4X4X4 meter box) is a metal box clad and wrapped in mirrored glass. The treehouses hotel consists of interiors having a 360-degree view of the natural surroundings. The material palette utilized for the interiors is primarily plywood. The functions create a living space appropriate for two people with a living room, a double bed space, a bathroom, and a terrace. The hotel consists of new material applications integrated with the natural environment.

2. Woodnest Cabin / Treehouse | Norway


Location: Odda, Norway
Treehouse typology: Cabin & Lodge
Construction: Completed in 2020
Design: Helen & Hard (Norwegian architecture office)

The Woodnest cabin is a treehouse situated amidst nature designed by the Norwegian-based architecture office Helen & Hard. It sits on a hillside which is located above the town of Odda. The client’s requirement was to create an outdoor dwelling spatial experience, connecting ordinary and extraordinary sensations (Climbing and Exploring). The wood nest is an inspirational unique design output of outdoor dwellings. The structure is suspended six meters above the ground level, attached to two pine trees. The treehouse cabin gives the user an experience of living among the trees.

3. Yoki Treehouse | US


Location: Central Texas, US
Treehouse typology: Resort
Construction: Completed in 2018
Design: Will Beilharz (Designer – Artis Tree)

Yoki Treehouse is the fifth treehouse that was designed in addition to the eco-luxury treehouse resort at Cypress Valley Canopy Tours. It is a luxury resort treehouse located in Austin Texas, this fifth treehouse is designed by Will Beilharz and completed in the year 2018. This 46-square-meter treehouse is connected by an 18-meter-long suspension bridge. The treehouse lies between two old Cyprus trees situated above a spring-fed flowing creek. It is attached to a bathhouse connected by a suspension bridge.

4. Inhabit | US

Location: Woodstock, US
Treehouse typology: Residence
Construction: Completed in 2014
Design: Antony Gibbon Designs (Interior Designers)

The Treehouse is set in a breathtaking dense woodland forest overlooking the striking Catskills Mountain in Woodstock (the Outskirts of the town). The tree house space consists of lounge space (open plan) with a wood burner and a kitchen with a spacious loft bedroom above. The Inhabit consists of two balconies, and the rear end of the structure consists of a second bedroom with a bath and shower room. It consists of large open windows that provide maximum natural light into the interiors and gives a view of the natural surroundings.

5. The 7th Room | Sweden

Location: Sweden
Treehouse typology: Residence
Construction: Completed in 2017
Design: Snohetta

The 7th room designed by Snohetta is situated in the deep, tall pine forest of Northern Sweden. It is situated within the tree canopy raised to a height of ten meters above ground level. The design consists of a large window with natural light entry and an outside view of the natural surroundings of the forest (Lapland treetops and Lule River). The tree hotel is designed with sustainability and has a minimal environmental impact and a touch of luxury integrated into the design. The exterior wooden façade of the cabin consists of pine board cladding, the surface has been burnt to offer a maintenance-free façade. The cabin is supported by twelve columns that reduce the load supported by the trees.

6. Treehouse | Belgium

Location: Hechtel-Eksel, Belgium
Treehouse typology: Mixed-use (Leisure + Workspace)
Construction: Completed in 2012
Design: Baumraum

The Flemish Forest and Nature Agency, the commune of Hechtel-Eksel, and Proximity joined forces in a partnership to embrace sustainability by companies, and organizations. The Treehouse, designed by Baumraum, embraced the concept of sustainability in its construction typology. The vision is to create an environmentally sustainable, socially beneficial structure bridging the economic and ecology gap. The design concept of the tree house is to create a space where business, scientific research, presentations, and brainstorming sessions could occur. The cabin consists of two levels;

  • The lower level consists of a coffee lounge, restroom, pantry, and technology room.
  • The upper room consists of meeting spaces and appropriate outdoor spaces among trees.

7. Tree House | Brazil

Location: Monte Verde, Brazil
Treehouse typology: Residence
Construction: Completed in 2022
Design: Studio MEMM

The Brazilian Studio MEMM designed a treehouse located in Brazil whose primary vision is to create a house that brings out your playful self. The property consists of a main house, pool, sauna, and other facilities. The treehouse consists of a pair of elevated wooden cladding structures. The treehouse is connected by a smaller walkway (Connecting both the volumes) and the second one that connects the treehouse to the main property. The house is composed of two volumes situated among the tree branches, a small module (4×1.5 meters) and a second module (4×3 meters). The structures are concrete-framed volumes finished in wood, raised 1.7 – 2.5 meters off the ground.

8. Pigna | Italy

Location: Malborghetto Valbruna, Italy
Tree house typology: Residence
Construction: Completed in 2017
Design: Architetto Beltrame Claudio

Pigna consists of two treehouses that are created on three levels, located in one of the oldest forests in Italy. The project was initiated as a conceptual design for a particular competition in 2014, and in later years it was constructed as a project. The pine cone profile treehouses are raised 10 meters above the ground level. The first treehouse is raised four meters above ground, acting as a covered terrace. The second treehouse consists of the arrival of stairs leading to the interiors. The house consists of two large windows with sliding door entries, a living room, kitchen, bathroom, wooden stairs leading to the bedroom (third floor), and a skylight on the roof of the structure.

9. Wooden Treehouse C | Indonesia

Location: Ubud, Indonesia
Treehouse typology: Mixed-use
Construction: Completed in 2021
Design: Stilt Studios

The Wooden Treehouse C was designed by Stilt Studios, located in the artist’s village of Penestanan outside the town of Ubud in Indonesia. The treehouse is located in proximity to cozy restaurants and bars within lush rice fields, which are a part of Bukit Sari, which is a housing community. The treehouse structure is composed of a core element containing four vertical columns that are braced by a staircase and suspend the floor plan and the ceiling with steel cables from the central core. Timber has been extensively utilized for treehouse construction.

10. KOJA Treehouse | Finland

Location: Fiskars, Finland
Treehouse typology: Residence
Construction: Completed in 2021 (A part of “House by an Architect Exhibition” -2022)
Design: Polestar -Kristian Talvitie (Concept Designer)

Koja Treehouse is a minimal treehouse micro-dwelling designed as part of a competition entry for 2021. This fully built structure is located in a forest outside of Fiskars, Finland. The designer Kristian Talvitie aimed to create a structure that redefines sustainable construction and progressive design. The structure utilizes sustainable materials for construction, such as locally sourced wood and wool. The tiny house is the best example of integrating the environment and construction. It is encompassed around a tree trunk to provide tree support without damaging it.

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