Louisiana State Museum

Louisiana State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame Visioned by Trahan Architects

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Louisiana State Museum

A simple geometric expression fused by an organically morphed inner form. Louisiana State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame frames a linear edifice designed by Trahan Architects in Natchitoches. The design envisaged horizontal slats in the oldest settlement of Louisiana Purchase, gleams and lustre in the blooming sun. Sitting amiably on the banks of the Cane River Lake, the architects inhaled their inspiration from the riverfront setting. Incorporating early sustainable practices and the 17th-century bousillage building techniques of the French settlers, the design oriented to an elemental angle.

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Louisiana State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame interior imitate the region’s fluvial geomorphology, such as the landscape transformation from centuries of carving by the meandering river. Every curve and twist arbitrate the colloquy between sports and history, past and future, container and contained. Fragmenting 1,100 unique cast stone panels, the designers sculpted the interiors seamlessly integrating building systems that serve as an exhibition/film canvas.

Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne says that the new building provides both an icon for the State and an important community centre for the region. It is a remarkably innovative structure, setting a high standard for public buildings within Louisiana while reflecting the unique characteristics of our distinctive culture and context.

The design echoes a clinical orthogonal vessel chiselled with the curvaceous interior palette. Visually and physically, the volumes contrive a flowy white charisma. The contrast highlights the dialogue between the city and the surrounding nature. Pleated copper panels clad the exterior, inviting surface articulation and alluding to the louvres found in nearby plantations. These elements control the drift of natural light, filtering break-taking views and amassing breezy ventilation.

Louisiana State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame imbue colours on painted metalwork, wood, and earth-toned stucco of the surrounding structures. Tantalizing twists in the copper strips evoke river streams to shade the interior openings. The museum induces a dramatic experience as every visitor takes small steps, leaping them into an embellishing aura.

Louisiana State Museum

Project Details:
Architects: Trahan Architects
Location: Natchitoches, United States
Area: 28000 m²
Photographs: Tim Hursley
Manufacturers: Tremco, American Hydrotech, Armstrong Ceilings, Bega, Blumcraft, Cooper Lighting, Corian® Design, DuPont, Florim, HUFCOR, Henry Company, Johns Manville, Kone, Marshfield Door Systems, Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope, Schweiss, Shaw, Sherwin-Williams, Toto, A2MG, +14
Civil Engineer: CSRS
Interior Designer: Lauren Bombet Interiors
Structural Engineer: LBYD
President / Design Principal: Victor F. “Trey” Trahan
Project Architect: Brad McWhirter
Design Team: Ed Gaskin, Mark Hash, Michael McCune
Project Team: Sean David, Blake Fisher, Erik Herrmann, David Merlin, Benjamin Rath, Judson Terry

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