Foster + Partners reveals new Midtown Bus Terminal in Manhattan

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Midtown Bus Terminal
© Foster + Partners

Midtown Bus Terminal, located in Manhattan, was designed by Foster + Partners and A. Epstein and Sons International Inc. According to a press release, the Port Authority has contracted studios to build a new terminal that will replace the existing terminal that has been in use for more than 70 years.

The new terminal will have a total area of approximately 195,000 square meters. It will be designed to meet the projected commuter growth until 2040-2050 and will lower bus traffic on surrounding streets, addressing community concerns. The terminal will be built to have net-zero emissions and be provided with all-electric bus fleets.

Port Authority Bus Terminal – July 2019

A new staging and storage facility and ramps will be made to lead directly to and from the Lincoln Tunnel, built over Port Authority property to the west of the new terminal.

The building also plans to have LEED certification, clean construction, on-site renewable energy, zoned heating and cooling systems, and heat recovery and reuse technology.

Nigel Dancey, Head of Studio at Foster + Partners, said, “This project will revolutionize the way people experience the city of New York. Foster + Partners’ new terminal design, delivered to the Port Authority, makes public transportation more inviting and accessible, with passenger-centric design, intuitive wayfinding, and permeable new public spaces.”

© Foster + Partners

Antoinette Nassopoulos-Erickson, Senior Partner, Foster + Partners, stated, “The project is about reimagining the transport hub of the future, bringing together the subway and bus network into a single integrated terminal. The design puts the passenger first and will be at the cutting edge of security, comfort and inclusivity, while being of its place and serving the people of New Jersey and New York.”

The Midtown Bus Terminal will be constructed in phases, with the staging and storage facility completed in 2028. It will operate as a temporary terminal until the new main terminal is completed in 2032.

Juan Vieira-Pardo, Partner, Foster + Partners, said, “The new terminal is centered around a light-filled atrium that is bright, uplifting, and intuitively guides commuters through the building.”

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