Central Jeddah Stadium, with a cubic design, to open in Saudi Arabia by 2030

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Central Jeddah Stadium

In a major announcement by the end of 2021, innovative plans were revealed for the Jeddah Central Project, which includes a 9.5 km highway in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia’s second-largest city. The ambitious plan, worth 75 billion Saudi riyals (the equivalent of $20 billion), is led by the Jeddah Central Development Company, a subsidiary of the state bank.

The project has many outstanding features, among which the FIFA standard football stadium is one of the most exciting projects. The transformation journey of the central project began with demolition in 2022, making way for new projects and replacing the Air Defense Stadium with the new Central Jeddah Stadium, an important step in the project’s development.

Central Jeddah Stadium

On July 18, 2022, signed contracts with GMP International and Khatib & Alami for stadium design were handed over. GMP International, a renowned architectural consultancy with over 50 years of experience, will handle the design, and Khatib & Alami, a multidisciplinary planning and engineering consultant, will handle the technical aspects of the project. Engr. Ahmed Al-Suleim, JCDC CEO, highlighted the importance of this collaboration, aligning its contribution to the socio-economic development of the sports sector with the Saudi Vision 2030 emphasis on investment.

Mapped in various phases, the stadium is expected to be operational by 2030, offering a unique architectural marvel to Jeddah that meets international standards as a sports, entertainment, and cultural hub.

This stadium, with a capacity of 45,000 seats and air conditioning, is designed to blend local architectural style with cutting-edge technology. The roof would be equipped with kinetic elements to control the sunlight and temperature. There are also entertainment arenas, like an e-sports center. With its open spaces, green parks, world-class pitch, and dynamic platform that brings together international events, the stadium will promote a healthier and more active lifestyle in the city’s community. The stadium is set to be one of four major landmarks of the Jeddah Central Project, the other three being a museum, an opera house, and an oceanarium.

In summary, the Jeddah City Project refers to a transformative urban plan to redefine the landscape of Jeddah. This multi-billion dollar project provides a mix of cultural, recreational, and sporting facilities of international standards, promoting the country’s tourism. This stadium acts as one of the catalysts that will fulfil these objectives, making it an important initiative for the future growth and development of Jeddah.

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