Adobe released Substance 3D Designer 13.1

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Substance 3D
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Adobe has recently released version 13.1 of Substance 3D Designer, which is a 3D material creation software.

The latest updates in this version include modifications to the node graph’s frames. If you hold the Shift key while moving an object, the frames will now auto-expand.

Additionally, the frames now have enhanced descriptions that allow you to include formatted text such as bold or cursive. When you make adjustments to your graph, the frame may not adjust gracefully to its content. To solve this, Adobe has introduced a new command that enables you to automatically adjust the position and size of the frame to match the span of its content, with a one medium grid cell padding. If the frame has a description, it will be adjusted to make use of any empty space next to the description.

Moreover, this new version also includes AxF export for X-Rite, which allows you to edit AxF materials in Substance 3D Designer and then export any changes as a new layer in the imported AxF file.

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