Abeer Seikaly’s ‘Weaving a Home’ proposes shelter for displaced communities

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Weaving a Home
Exhibition – Radical Curiosity: In the Orbit of Buckminster Fuller

Weaving a Home is a performative structural material system designed by Jordainan-Palestian designer Abeer Seikaly. Weaving a Home has undergone several stages since its inception in 2013. The primary goal was to create a portable and dignified shelter that could provide displaced communities with all the necessary facilities for contemporary living. This was achieved through the development of a dome-shaped, double-layered performative structural fabric.

“Historically, communities in the Arab world were inextricably connected to nature and their surroundings, both inside and outside of their homes. In a modern world governed by consumerism and urbanism, and threatened by a burgeoning climate crisis, the notion of cradle-to-cradle living and design, which embeds nature and sustainability into all processes of life, is needed now more than ever.” said Abeer Seikaly and added, “Shelter is a microcosm that represents how we understand and connect to the universe and to our bodies. Creating a shelter that sustains and supports the thriving of the human spirit and the nurturing of our environment forms the crux of this work.”

Weaving a Home
Photography © Tanya Marar
Photography © Tanya Marar

The concept of structural fabric is based on the ancient art of weaving, where lightweight materials are woven together to create collapsible forms that can be easily transported. The fabric is made up of different threads that serve various purposes. For instance, mesh is used for windows and storage, while stretchable solar fabric generates sustainable energy that powers flexible pipes for water, heat, and electricity.

The structural fabric operates on different scales, ranging from individual gaps to entire tent cities. These tent cities are composed of domes that promote community, allowing it to thrive and grow. This nomadic urbanism weaves together community, service, functional design, and beauty, creating a place that integrates, heals, and renews.

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