Uncloud Coffee’s form resembles the northern lights’ sweeping patterns

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Uncloud Coffee is located on Khao Lam Road in Chonburi Province and was designed by Unknown Surface Studio. It occupies a triangular site adjacent to the main road leading from Bang Saen, with stunning mountain views in the background.

Uncloud is divided into three core zones, extending along the roadside: a welcoming main entrance with a bar and seating area, an outdoor lounge within a courtyard, and a peaceful internal area for seating and client workspaces. The building design is inspired by Aurora Borealis, and its form echoes the dynamic, sweeping patterns of the northern lights.

The architecture features uninterrupted, sinuous lines that connect all spaces internally and externally, creating a cohesive architectural journey. To overcome the challenges of its location near a busy road, the facade facing the street is engineered with towering, curved barriers that selectively open at strategic angles to maximize mountain views while minimizing noise and heat from the street. This setup reduces noise disturbance and helps maintain a cooler interior climate.

The courtyard is positioned to allow daylight and sky views into the building, ensuring a naturally illuminated interior throughout the day. The integration of landscape and hardscape elements mirrors the architectural flow with their curved forms, placing large trees strategically along the building to act as natural sound barriers and provide shade, seamlessly blending the structure with its surroundings.

Project Info

Architects: Unknown Surface Studio
Team: Cievanard Nattabowonphal, Piyanat Songkhorh, Nonglak Boonsaeng
Location: Chonburi, Thailand
Photographer: Rungkit Charoenwat

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