TEAM4UA plans to build Europe’s first 3D-printed school in Ukraine

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3D printed barriers © ICE Industrial Services

Team4Humanity (TEAM4UA) has announced plans to build Europe’s first 3D-printed school in the war-torn neighborhoods of Ukraine. According to The Ministry of Education and Science, in Ukraine, 2660 educational institutions have been bombed or shelled, and 323 destroyed.

Many charities and global non-profit organizations have expressed concern over the predicament of Ukrainian children. Jennifer Neelsen, World Vision Ukraine Crisis Response Director, said: “The conflict is jeopardizing the future for an entire generation of Ukrainian children.”

3D-printed school project example in Salima, Malawi, 2021

Approximately 1/4 of the displaced citizens in the Ukrainian city of Lviv are children. That’s one of the reason why TEAM4UA decided to start the 3D-printed school project for Lviv, Ukraine. Also, according to Back2UA program offered by Team4Humanity, the war rages in Ukraine’s east, and some sections of the west, such as the Lviv Oblast, are seen as offering an adequate degree of security. Local NGOs across Europe report that more refugees are considering returning to Ukraine rather than living in refugee camps or host families.

Building 3D-printed schools are much faster than traditional concrete schools. Charles Tiné, TEAM4UA’s strategic committee member, told Euronews: “It saves time. It’s efficient as far as it concerns energy costs, and it’s going to be quick.” 

© ICE Industrial Services

Team4Humanity (TEAM4UA) is a Ukrainian humanitarian aid foundation, Team4Humanity’s work since the start of the war. Team4Humanity is one of the numerous organizations attempting to use 3D printing to help Ukrainians resist Russia’s invasion. Earlier this year, Czech company ICE Industrial Services announced plans to use 3D printing to aid in reconstructing Ukraine.

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