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Rhino for Architects MasterClass by HowToRhino

Rhino for Architects Masterclass is an online event organized by How to Rhino taking place from March 19th to April 2nd. The admission to this masterclass is free, all you need to do is to register here

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The goal of this masterclass is to spread the word about Rhino and parametric modeling with Grasshopper and how to implement it specifically for the architecture industry. Our goal is to reach as many architects as possible and show them the opportunity that lies within this software and show them what are some of the best workflows, tips, and tricks. Masterclass consists of 4 pre-recorded video lessons and 5 additional live streaming events that will take place in between.

If you’re an architect and you have an interest in learning Rhino, this is going be a perfect chance for you to discover and learn core basic principles of Rhino, the basic logic behind Grasshopper and you’ll find out some of the most powerful fluid organic modeling with SubD tools for Rhino 7.

This is the schedule:

Training #1 was published on March 19th –
Training #1 LIVE Stream took place on March 20th at 7pm (+1 GMT) 

Training #2 was published on  March 23rd
Training #2 LIVE Stream will take place on March 24th at 7pm (+1 GMT)

Training #3 is going live on March 25th
Training #3 LIVE Stream will take place on March 26th at 7pm (+1 GMT)

Training #4 is going live on March 27th
Training #4 LIVE Stream part 1 will take place on March 28th at 7pm (+1 GMT)

Training #4 LIVE Stream  part 2 will take place on April 1st at 7pm (+1 GMT)

All the links will be provided upon registration via email. 


In order to follow along, you just need to have Rhino 6 for the first two videos, and Rhino 7 WIP version for the third video. 

Let me remind you that in order to have Rhino 7 WIP you need to have a valid Rhino 6 license.

Contact email:

Share and inspire your friends!