Openbank Argentina designed using fractal concept of “finite surface”

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Openbank Argentina

Openbank Argentina is a digitally operating bank designed by MZM Arquitectos. The design process was guided by abstract concepts such as innovation, sustainability, algorithms, big data, information, and the cloud. Bionic architecture and parametric design were used to bring these concepts to life. Nature served as inspiration, and computer technology was used to analyze and simulate nature’s complexity to obtain more efficient and sustainable structures.

The project centers around a void created by the vertical stacking of 36 horizontal polygons based on the fractal concept of “finite surface” contained by an “infinite perimeter”. The adopted parameters produce alterations in these polygons, which generate the materialization of a void known as “the cloud.”

This void will be the heart of the project, containing multiple uses and infinite climates with a digital lighting system. An important aspect was to bring the urban space inside the project and create continuity between the sidewalk and the interior through a “passage.” This important longitudinal space connects all project functions and functions as an articulator.

The interior space of Openbank Argentina has the characteristics of the surrounding urban space, from the floors to the lighting and equipment. The “passage” not only connects to “the cloud” through three “portals” but also connects to all other project functions, such as the outdoor patio, personalized attention areas, and back office areas.

Project Info

Architecture: MZM Arquitectos
Project size: 800 m2
Site size: 800 m2
Completion date: 2023

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