National Institute of Water Sports in Goa reflects the dynamic qualities of the Arabian Sea

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National Institute

Located in Panjim, Goa, MOFA Studio created the National Institute of Water Sports. The state government of Goa launched the National Institute of Water Sports with the goal of building an architectural landmark for the seaside city of Panjim that is both globally appealing and fits in with the local setting. In order to promote interaction, the design strategy focuses on fluid zoning, combining formal and informal spaces.

The architecture, which was influenced by the sea’s dynamic quality, reflects the Arabian Sea’s natural qualities of tension and continuous motion. It surges, rises, and coils into a trochoidal wave sequence, prepared to swallow up anything that approaches it. It resembles a legendary beast that sprang from the nearby sea when viewed from above. Its changing viewpoints provide the impression that it is always moving when viewed from the ground inside its spaces.

National Institute

With its numerous points of view and constantly moving spine, the architecture aims to obfuscate the distinct identities of its pieces so that the eye never rests in one place. Like a theater where motion is continual and pause is a search, the walls, floor plates, and roofs engage in this fluid dialogue at different moments that are depicted by the always-shifting play of light and shadows. This produces a stressful, disruptive story for its users.

As a result, the design serves as a conduit, guaranteeing that it is not a static building but rather a vibrant source of inspiration for explorers preparing for water sports. A seamless assembly is achieved by carefully crafting over 5,000 bespoke panels delicately sculpted to resemble a free-flowing wave. This motion is further captured in the digital fabrication of the roof. The end product is a pragmatic yet aesthetically arresting structure that captures the spirit of adventure water sports and offers consumers vibrant inspiration.

Project Info

Project Name: National Institute of Water Sports
Office Name: MOFA Studio
Lead Architects: Manish Gulati
Completion Year: 2023
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 12075 sqm
Location: Panjim, Goa
Photo: Vinay Panjwani

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