Arup appointed for spatial planning of Azizi Opera

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Azizi Opera

Azizi Developments announced their partnership with Arup for spatial planning of Azizi Opera in Azizi Venice, located in Dubai South. The $8.17 billion USD mixed-use development will contain more than 300,000 residential units, around 100 apartment complexes, and 400 villas.

“We are delighted to be partnering with the renowned Arup, whose expertise in engineering and design perfectly aligns with our commitment to delivering unparalleled luxury. Azizi Opera will become one of the most notable venues for cultural and community events in Dubai. We are eager to witness our joint efforts bringing about this state-of-the-art opera house.” said Farhad Azizi, Chief Executive Officer of Azizi Developments.

Azizi Venice’s boulevard features three-story buildings hosting top retailers, nightlife, entertainment options, and eateries worldwide. The opera is built in the boulevard’s center and will become a notable venue for important events. Azizi Venice will welcome over 30,000 visitors daily and feature two five-star hotels and one boutique hotel on an island in the lagoon. Also, underground parking will provide easy access to Azizi Boulevard and Opera.

Also, UK-based Kettle Collective has provided architectural concept designs for 12 buildings. Farhad Azizi said: “Their (Kettle Collective) commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing new technologies ensures that each project they undertake leaves a lasting impression on the built environment. We eagerly anticipate their creative concept designs, and we are confident that they will add tremendous value to our Venice projects, helping us in our pursuit of excellence.”

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