Nagami creates 3D printed products in collaboration with famous designers

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Nagami applies 3D printing and robotic production to large-scale objects with various customization options. Their goods, produced by internationally recognized designers, are based on research and innovation. Nagami enjoys pushing current technologies to make unique things.

Here are five products of Nagami’s collaboration with designers:

Robotica x Ross Lovegrove

“Robotica” emerges from the intersection of two areas – botany and robotics – to create a new design method that crystallizes programming in nature with robotics inside artificial manufacture. The stool is a high stool with 360-degree formal access. As a result, the aesthetic being non-directional indicates a shift in typology away from furniture and into a new realm of the stand-alone aesthetic item, whose purpose is not immediately apparent.

Ross Lovegrove is a visionary and designer. His works are at the pinnacle of causing a dramatic alteration in the physics of our three-dimensional environment. Nature’s logic and beauty inspired him. His creations combine technology, materials science, and intelligent organic form.

Rise X Zaha Hadid Architects

“Bow and Rise” are the most recent findings of ZHA’s continuous 3D printing and material experimentation research. “Bow and Rise” was created using a pellet-extruder and raw plastic particles rather than filament. Both pieces’ patterns and color gradients work together to redefine the usual spatial connection between furniture and its surroundings.

On this project, Nagami collaborated with Patrik Schumacher from ZHA. Patrik is the founder of Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA). Since Zaha Hadid passed, he has supervised the studio. He is a London-based architect and architectural thinker.

Peeler X Daniel Widrig

“Peeler” was created to address the limitations of additive manufacturing, which has only served small niche markets so far. The chair has been built to meet human body ergonomic restrictions and the ergonomics of the robotic arm that prints it. Peeler results from a confluence of human and machine requirements, with three undulating skin-like surfaces.

Daniel Widrig established his London studio in 2009. Daniel worked for Zaha Hadid after graduating from the Architectural Association (AA). His work spans several disciplines, including art, fashion, furniture design, and architecture.

Nobu X Manuel Jiménez García

“Nobu” is envisioned as a membrane that conceals a cellular cosmos, shifting from smooth skin to a complex inner. Smoothness and regularity, as well as arrhythmia, moderation, and craziness, are reflected in the chair.

Manuel Jimenez Garcia is a London-based computational designer. He is presently a lecturer in architecture at The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London.

موج — Mawj X Riyad Joucka (MEAN)

“Mawj” is a 3D Printed Armchair made by MEAN* (Middle East Architecture Network). The Arabic meaning “Wave, undulate, crisp, or ripple” represents the designer’s idea. The chair’s dimensions are inspired by the proportions of the Eames Lounge Armchair, one of the most renowned contemporary chairs. The chair makes a statement and is a unique piece of furniture.

Riyad Joucka is a renowned architect and researcher. He established MEAN* (Middle East Architecture Network) in 2016. MEAN* is a creative architecture firm that works at the intersection of design and emerging technology.

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