Masdar City completes region’s first net-zero commercial building

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Masdar City, located in Abu Dhabi, is a sustainable urban community and a hub for business and technology. Recently, the region’s first net-zero energy commercial building, NZ1, was completed. NZ1 has been designed to consume 53% less energy than a conventional building of its size. The building’s on-site solar panels are capable of generating 101% of its annual energy requirements, making it entirely self-sufficient. Any surplus energy produced will be redirected to the Abu Dhabi electric grid.

“NZ1 is an incredible milestone for Masdar City and a fitting precursor to COP28,” stated Ahmed Baghoum, Masdar City’s CEO. “Our vision has always been to accelerate the UAE’s ambitious journey to net-zero, and we’re closer now than ever. NZ1 is just the beginning. Through our distinctive approach to sustainability that prioritises community needs, financial viability, and environmental protection, we demonstrate that sustainability is not a luxury for the elite—it’s for everyone.”


“Masdar City has been pushing the boundaries of sustainable development for more than 15 years,” told Lutz Wilgen, Masdar City’s head of design. “NZ1 is our most energy-efficient building yet, representing the best of what we have learned so far. Its aesthetic design is also one of the simplest in the city, showing that any developer can create a green building with the right tools and expertise. We’re already working with other professionals who are hoping to replicate what we have done.”

Additionally, NZ1 was awarded the Net-Zero Building Project of 2023 at the MENA Green Building Awards. Two other net-zero energy projects are currently underway at Masdar City: Masdar City Square’s HQ building, which is due to be completed in 2024, and CO-LAB, a shared living and working space within The Link development, which is set to be completed in 2025.

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