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‘indigo deli’ by sameep padora and associates, mumbai, india all images courtesy of sameep padora and associates

Designed by mumbai-based firm sameep padora and associates, the ‘indigo deli’, a delicatessen and dine-in restaurant transforms a mundane retail space within the palladium mall in mumbai, india. denying the rigid geometries of the mall context, an undulating and interlocking structure swoops above the tables within the dining area. combining the qualities of a dome and surface, the hybrid form employs the structural strengths of both applications. the wooden armature is formed with rough textured plywood, contrasting the sleek copper lighting fixtures and built in details.

The design-build project began as a parametric exploration during the design process. manufacturing of the unique sections began with CNC routing and systematic assemblage. once connected, the element was hung from the overhead RCC slab from threaded steel rods which have been affixed into a double thickness vertical plywood panel. this connection allows for accurate leveling through the entire length of the interior.

ceiling detail

cross sectional development – transformation through retail

section / dining area

paradigms of existing infrastructure

Project: Indigo Deli

Location: Lower Parel, Mumbai

Architects: Sameep Padora & Associates

Design Team: Sameep Padora, Pankaj Mhatre, Shreya Poddar, Vinay Mathias

Area: 4500 sq. ft.

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