FUNGIBLE/NON-FUNGIBLE is the world’s first blockchain-funded architecture project

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“Fungible/Non-Fungible Pavilion” at the Tallinn Architecture Biennale in Estonia partly built by the public using NFTs, according to architectural design company Iheartblob.
Rather than developing architectural elements, iheartblob has created a specialized platform, a generative NFT tool, where users may design and “mint” – the act of generating and validating digital ownership – their own items.

The platform will display an interactive 3D interface with a maximum number of primitive elements such as cubes, triangles, and more in various colors and forms that users may mix to create their own blocks.
The completed pavilion will mix of the user’s created and minted blocks: each will transformed into constructable timber components under the design direction of iheartblob.

Shaun McCallum, co-founder of iheartblob:

“We chose the Tezos blockchain as it is very environment friendly and supports the cleanest NFT processes: just think that to mint one block, it uses the equivalent energy needed to post one tweet. Tezos has a great community of artists and creators, and our team has built strong relationships within this network.”

iheartblob is collaborating with OBJKT.COM, the largest primary and secondary marketplace for Tezos NFTs, which has a reputation for providing a platform for new and experimental artists to present their work.
Users will own the digital block, their work of art, but not the real blocks. iheartblob wishes to promote future exchange and potential advancements of the Fungible/Non-Fungible initiative.
The pavilion will made up of distinct pieces, each with its own designer and owner, and will eventually represent a greater community desire and aesthetic feeling.

The platform will remain open until all blocks have been minted, at which point the building will commence. The work created in July and August 2022 in the active pedestrian green area facing the Museum of Estonian Architecture. It is available to the public on September 7th, 2022, during the TAB 2022 Opening Week. The structure will stay on site until the Biennale’s next edition in 2024.

The pavilion will be the world’s first blockchain-funded architecture venture. It opened to the public on September 7th, 2022 in Tallinn, Estonia. The ultimate product disjointed structure that exists in the metaverse and actual space and co-owned and representative of the community that created it.

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