Deep Sea Museum features a stepped roof that serves as a park with greenery

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Deep Sea Museum

AOE designed the concept as a competition entry for the Deep Sea Museum and Sports Center in Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City.

The building has a raised, wave-shaped roof that can also be used as a public park with many plants. This green roof makes a nice public area that people can enjoy. It also helps to reduce the effects of the urban heat island effect, which means less energy use and better air quality. The roof terrace public park will have different levels and slopes to make it look like waves on the ocean.

A lively street with shops and fun things to do will connect the different areas of the building complex. This street will be a lively social spot where people can go to shop, eat, or just relax after doing something. The shopping area will have a modern look that goes with the building’s oceanic theme.

Deep Sea Museum

The building is open to the public and lets them do many things, like swimming, diving, surfing, kayaking, and more. From the viewing platform on the roof deck, people can enjoy stunning views of the ocean.

Two lots will be used for the Deep Sea Museum and Sports Center. Roof decks will connect the two lots. The museum will have displays about marine life and ocean research, and it will also have state-of-the-art technology that lets people see what the ocean is like deep down. People can look at underwater habitats and submarines, which are interactive shows that simulate deep-sea dives.

The sports center will have state-of-the-art water sports facilities, such as swimming pools with adjustable depths for water polo games or diving practice, diving pools with springboards or platforms, surfing pools with fake waves, a kayaking area, a beach volleyball court, and more. The sports center is made to accommodate both experienced athletes and people who just want to hang out.

Deep Sea Museum

The architecture of the building tries to make the inside and outside areas feel like they are one. The roof’s sloping edges make a number of terraces outside with beautiful views of the sea.

Sustainability is at the heart of how AOE designed this project. To lower its carbon impact, the building uses renewable energy sources, materials that use less energy, and new technologies. The green roof, rainwater collection system, and greywater recovery system all use even less water.

The Deep Sea Museum and Sports Center wants to teach people about how to protect the earth. There will also be hands-on displays about marine protection that show how people can help keep the oceans clean and free of pollution and overfishing.

Deep Sea Museum

As part of its plan to keep the economy going, the project also wants to make jobs available in the area. Locals will be able to find work during the building process, and as the business runs, it will need people like lifeguards, maintenance workers, shop assistants, and more.

Visitors can have an immersive experience there and learn about protecting the earth at the same time. The complex’s active retail street connects different programs and is a lively social spot where people can shop, eat, and unwind after their activities. This project could become one of China’s most famous landmarks and create long-term tourism chances for both Chinese people and people from other countries.

Project Info

Project Name: Deep Sea Museum and Sports Center in Sanya
Project Type: Competitive event
Built Status: Unbuilt
Architect: aoe
Site Area: 104000sqm
Project Location: Sanya, China
Lead Architects: Qun Wen

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