by Achim Menges  and Sean Ahlquist

The current transition from Computer Aided Design (CAD) toComputational Design in architecture represents a profound shift indesign thinking and methods. Representation is being replaced bysimulation, and the crafting of objects is moving towards thegeneration of integrated systems through designer-authoredcomputational processes. While there is a particular history ofsuch an approach in architecture, its relative newness requires thecontinued progression of novel modes of design thinking for thearchitect of the 21st century. This AD Reader establishes afoundation for such thinking.  It includes multifacetedreflections and speculations on the profound influence ofcomputational paradigms on architecture. It presents relevantprinciples from the domains of mathematics and computer science,developmental and evolutionary biology, system science andphilosophy, establishing a discourse for computational designthinking in architecture. Rather than a merely technical approach,the book will discuss essential intellectual concepts that arefundamental not only for a discourse on computational design butalso for its practice.
This anthology provides a unique collection of seminal texts byauthors, who have either provided a significant starting pointthrough which a computational approach to design has been pursuedor have played a considerable role in shaping the field. Animportant aspect of this book is the manner in which adjacentfields and historical texts are connected. Both the source oforiginal inspiration and scientific thought are presented alongsidecontemporary writings on the continually evolving computationaldesign discourse. Emerging from the field of science, principallythe subjects of morphogenesis, evolution and mathematics, selectedtexts provide a historical basis for a reconfigured mindset ofprocesses that generate, arrange and describe form. Juxtaposedagainst more contemporary statements regarding the influence ofcomputation on design thinking, the book offers advancements offundamental texts to the particular purpose of establishing novelthought processes for architecture, theoretically andpractically. Buy this book from the link below…
Computational Design Thinking: Computation Design Thinking (AD Reader)