Butterfly Pavilion

Butterfly Pavilion: A Biomorphic Shell Weaved by 3deluxe in Noor Island

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Butterfly Pavilion

The intricate details that trail a butterfly intensely stimulates and arouses our mind. German design studio 3deluxe have envisioned a mesmerizing biomorphic Butterfly Pavilion on Noor Island, a lagoon island in the capital of the Arab Emirate Sharjah. The peculiar winding terrain of the Island percolates as the architectural fabric of the Butterfly Pavilion.

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Crystal-like formations bedazzled in gold ornamentation strikes the naked eye, characterized as a sculptural masterpiece building breathing on the Island. The abode houses more than 500 distinct butterflies in a unique biosphere; even the spatial setting opens to visitors on numerous occasions for recreation and observation. The biomorphic outer shell tortuously entwines a formal exploration of parametric principles and design strategies adorned by traditional Arabian embellishments. 4,000 golden aluminium leaves knits over the curved load-bearing 3D framed roof in multifaceted integration.

3deluxe configures a design principle of multilayered atmospheres stirring the material and mood layers, natural and artificial levels to seamlessly blend and envisage a dramatic depiction. The architecture fuses technology, nature, light and shadow to dwell on the modern structure with complex spatial experience. The Butterfly Pavilion marks an iconic element with amusing installations, trifling systems, light objects, and rare vegetation seized by a musical soundscape.

Butterfly Pavilion
Butterfly Pavilion

The designers integrate new urban spaces, allowing residents to explore their city with intellectual and emotional balance. A wealth of aesthetic, stylistic elements seeped into interdisciplinary architectural language, spans cultural scenarios. The pavilion’s prefabricated roof also serves to regulate the climate without a visual emphasis. In addition, provides, the geometry actively supports a chimney effect, where hot air funnels over the roof and façade, while the water pools act as humidifiers, cools the inflowing air. The shape of the top points to 13m high, touching immense horizontal spans across 800m². Interlocked by free forms, they counterbalance each other, leading to more excellent stability. The entire structure rests on nine points and three pillars that looks like a tree trunk tapering upwards and branching out. The led lighting enchants a theatrical experience with soft flowing preprogrammed light patterns reminiscing swarms, motion and butterflies, emphasizing the isle’s meditative character.

Butterfly Pavilion
Butterfly Pavilion

A high-gloss gold paint droll over the pavilion, withstanding the maritime environment. The specialized painting had to be customized specifically for three different surfaces and applications to ensure the unanimity of the colour. A glass cube beneath the Butterfly Pavilion is an artificial ecosystem with a rainforest biotope, populated with countless butterflies housed inside a sealed climate skin. Natural light casts a leafy tropical canopy defining a soulful mood, and organically shaped skylights offering views in and out of the structure.

Butterfly Pavilion

The rainforest biotope covers 230m² in a spectacular landscape. Islands of tropical plants embedded within a white 3D-modeled ornamented surface extend seamlessly across floors and walls. Additionally, a contemporary cafe thrives amid the biosphere’s focused atmosphere, which takes its cue from a water lily. A light sculpture hovers over the seating made of white fabric bands. The lounge area structures by dividing walls resembling petals fallen to earth. The interior dazzles in white compared to the outside world, with liquid glass flooring covered in ornamental print. After sunset, the pavilion sets a sparkling illumination transforming the spatial setting with a radiating golden aura. 3deluxe themed the Butterfly Pavilions giving rise to a holistic, multisensory experience in the Noor Island.

Butterfly Pavilion
Butterfly Pavilion

Project Details:
Architects: 3deluxe
Area: 230 m²
Photographs: Joaquín Busch, Björn Asmussen, Christian Bauer, Candido Hermida
Manufacturers: Porcelanosa Grupo
Contracting Authority: Shurooq, Sharjah, U.A.E
Interior Architects:3deluxe, Germany
Roof Construction: Seele Middle East, Dubai, U.A.E.
Pavilion Construction: Waagner Biro Gulf L.L.C., Dubai, U.A.E.
Interior Works:Candido Hermida
Interior Material:Krion
Planting: Greenworks, Dubai, U.A.
Client:Andre Heller, Artevent GmbH, Austria
City: Sharjah
Country: United Arab Emirates

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