8 free UX tools for designers

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User Experience (UX) contains the overall experience and satisfaction that users feel when interacting with a product, application, system, or service. It is a multifaceted concept that involves various elements. These elements, in order from abstract to concrete, include strategy, scope, structure, skeleton, and surface.

The strategy element contains high-level planning and an approach to achieving the desired user experience. Scope involves defining the features, functions, and content of the user experience. Structure refers to the organization and layout of the elements within the experience, while skeleton focuses on the placement and arrangement of interface elements.

The surface element deals with the sensory aspects and visual design that users interact with. The main aim of good UX design is to develop intuitive and user-friendly experiences that are easy to navigate, thus enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.

Here are 8 free sources to improve your next UX project.

Origami Studio


Origami Studio is a free tool by Meta currently available for Mac. It allows designers to build interactive interfaces. You can visually drag, drop, and resize using Canvas to layout your prototype. You can also draw and edit shape layers, text, images, videos, and layers imported from Sketch and Figma. Also, using Patch Editor, you can add interaction, animation, and behavior to your prototype using blocks called patches. Similar to Figma, you can create your components.

Quant UX



Quant-UX is a prototyping tool for designing, testing, and analysing visual designs. A prototype consists of screens with fully functional widgets. There are three main views: design, Prototype, and Low Code. Also, Quant-UX supports two kinds of animations: widget animations that change the style of a widget based on user interactions, and screen animations that are shown when a screen is loaded.



UX Copy Content

Lyricsum is a unique type of placeholder, serving as a cool alternative to Lorem Ipsum. It’s a website that converts the lyrics of your favorite artists’ songs into placeholder text, which can be customized using various format options. You can easily generate song lyrics by specific artists and bands.


Wireframing Tool

Sketchize is a free wireframing kit that includes printable device sketch sheets. It is designed for UX/UI designers to create apps for mobile, tablet, and desktop. All the sketch sheets are suitable for standard A3/A4 paper sizes. Simply select the sketch sheet that suits your project, print it out, and start sketching your design ideas.

User Persona

User Images & Avatars

User Persona is a free AI-powered tool for generating user personas for products or services. A user persona, also known as a customer persona, is a fictional but data-backed representation of a user interacting with a product or service. Simply input your idea and you will immediately receive your persona. You can edit any of the fields by clicking on them and then download the persona as an image.


User Images & Avatars

Avvvatars is a solution for UI projects, offering a wide range of options for creating custom characters and shapes. This free and open-source placeholder avatar design system also provides a React plugin, making it a convenient and accessible tool for your project’s needs.


Flows & Charts

Draw.io is a free online diagram software for creating charts, floor plans, diagrams, and more. You can use the online editor with various storage platforms and also access it offline with our standalone desktop app.

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