WilkinsonEyre unveils designs for the stands at Lord’s Cricket Ground

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WilkinsonEyre's design renderings for the Tavern and Allen Stands at Lord's Cricket Ground.
© WilkinsonEyre

WilkinsonEyre reveals its design for the Tavern and Allen Stands at the Lord’s Cricket Ground in London after completing the Compton & Edrich Stand. Westminster City Council’s Planning Committee and Marylebone Cricket Club have approved the redevelopment designs of the stands. The project, which will enhance catering, hospitality, and accessibility while also increasing the ground capacity by an additional 1,100 seats, was presented to the Club’s members with a budget of £61.8 million.

The newly released renderings showcase the design and improvements. The new development will update the two oldest stands and connect them with modern touches while also providing amenities for visitors, such as food and beverage facilities at all levels and retail outlets replacing temporary shops at the Grace Gate.

Proposed redevelopment of the Tavern Stand by WilkinsonEyre at Lord's Cricket Ground.
© WilkinsonEyre

One of the redevelopment plans is to demolish the existing Allen Stand and the link bridge between it and the Pavilion, which dates back to the 1930s. The bridge will be reconstructed with a glass version on a higher level, and an extra tier will be added to both stands. This addition will be facilitated by relocating the scoreboard for the Allen Stand. The Tavern Stand will involve a new cantilevered fourth-floor seating level above the retained existing structure, which is extended back to the site boundary.

WilkinsonEyre designed a unique roof profile for the Tavern Stand. Inspired by the shape and ribbed construction of a series of upturned traditional slip cradles, it contributes to the theme of innovative architecture around Lord’s. The stand also includes an updated exterior with a facade wrapped in white fins and an extension of the roof above the stand’s upper level. The existing steel framework of the Tavern will be retained, and this decision will save a significant amount of carbon dioxide during the redevelopment process.

WilkinsonEyre unveils modern design features for the Allen Stand at Lord's Cricket Ground.
© WilkinsonEyre

“We are delighted to achieve approval for the sustainable revival of these stands at Lord’s, and continue our successful partnership with MCC. The new designs will add great value to this world-famous sporting venue, modernising and improving the existing facilities for its members.”

Jim Eyre, Director at WilkinsonEyre

The redevelopment of Lord’s Cricket Ground includes multiple completed renovations, such as the Compton & Edrich Stand again by WilkinsonEyre, the Warner Stand by Populous, and the venue’s media center by David Miller Architects. The completion of Tavern and Allen Stands is scheduled for 2027, with planned breaks for cricket in the 2025 and 2026 seasons.

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