5 immersive installations and multi-sensory artworks from Coachella 2023

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Coachella 2023

Between April 14–16 and April 21–23, Coachella 2023 features exciting installations and multi-sensory artworks from both local and international artists and designers. The artworks, which utilize light and color, are designed to encourage playful exploration and creative reimagining in multiple dimensions. They also introduce new multi-sensory elements to the festival’s music performances.

Spread across the festival field, the newly commissioned works include sculptural pieces by world-renowned creatives such as Kumkum Fernando, Vincent Leroy, Guvenc Ozel, Maggie West, and more. Their vibrant and architecturally stunning works serve as beacons of inspiration, nourishing festival-goers with a sense of joy, freedom, and tranquility.

Here are some of the installations of this year:

Coachella 2023
Holoflux by Guvenc Ozel
Eden by Maggie West
Molecular Cloud by Vincent Leroy
Coachella 2023
The Messengers by Kumkum Fernando
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