3DLightSlab revolutionizes with eco-slabs, cutting CO2 emissions

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Designed by SDU CREATE, 3DLightSlab aims to revolutionize construction practices through 3D concrete printing. The project’s main goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by employing stress-based design principles to create load-bearing slabs with high sustainable potential. These slabs feature isostatic ribs that can adapt to various shapes, support arrangements, and load conditions, optimizing rib layout and material efficiency.

A comprehensive case study showcases a load-bearing slab supported by two columns, demonstrating its capacity to withstand combined loads. The studio’s streamlined pipeline incorporates Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to fine-tune rib dimensions and density, ensuring structural integrity that meets Eurocode standards for serviceability.


The fabrication process employs rapid material deposition methods, and bending tests, simulated through a shell-based approach, affirm the slabs’ ability to meet design loads.

The design of 3DLightSlab, its successful fabrication, and structural testing prove the potential of 3DCP to overcome the manufacturing limitations that have limited the widespread adoption of isostatic ribbed slabs. By combining the principles of architectural precedents from Pierluigi Nervi and Hans-Dieter Hecker with computational design and the additive nature of 3DCP, a new aesthetic emerges for structurally-efficient horizontal structures with a reduced environmental impact.

Project Info

SDU CREATE, Led by Ass. Prof. Dr. Roberto Naboni – University of Southern Denmark
Concept and Scientific Development: Roberto Naboni, Luca Breseghello
Design and Engineering: Roberto Naboni, Luca Breseghello, Hamed Hajikarimian
Fabrication and Construction: Luca Breseghello, Daniele Florenzano, Hamed Hajikarimian
Structural Testing: Henrik Brøner Jørgensen (SDU Structures), Luca Breseghello, Daniele Florenzano
Industrial Partners: Weber Saint Gobain Denmark (Printing Mortar), Hyperion Robotics (Robotic System)

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