Title and theme for 2025 Venice Architecture Biennale announced: “Intelligens. Natural. Artificial. Collective.”

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© La Biennale di Venezia

The curator of the 19th International Architecture Exhibition, Carlo Ratti, and the president of La Biennale di Venezia, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, announced the title and the theme of the 2025 Venice Architecture Biennale, which will take place between May 10 to November 23, 2025.

The title for the Biennale is “Intelligens.” The Italian architect said: “The title of the International Architecture Exhibition is usually announced both in English and in Italian. In 2025 it will be condensed into a single word for both languages via the common Latin precedent: intelligent,” about the title, and continued: “The title Intelligens is linked to the modern term ‘intelligence,’ but it also evokes a wider set of associated meanings. In fact, the final syllable, ‘gens’ is Latin for ‘people.’ A new, fictional root emerges, suggesting a future of intelligence that is inclusive, multiple, and imaginative beyond today’s limiting focus on AI.”

© Andrea Avezzù

The exhibition will investigate the interplay between architecture, art, engineering, biology, and data science, and how they collectively affect the built environment. Ratti highlights the large contribution of the built environment to atmospheric emissions by placing architecture as one of the main culprits in disturbing the balance of the planet. In line with the acceleration of climate change, this topic brings out an important perspective: “…must we resign ourselves to this role, or are we still able to offer solutions, substantial and non-cosmetic, effective and quick to achieve?”

The exhibition aims to find a way forward by showcasing various intelligent solutions to pressing issues. It will put forth a range of design proposals and experiments exploring the meaning of “intelligence” as the ability to adapt to one’s environment with limited resources, knowledge, or power. With this approach, the exhibition will give architects the role of “mutagens” which can stimulate evolutionary processes and create new directions. By incorporating learnings from various fields of science, the exhibition seeks to accelerate the transformation of the present through fearless trial and error, with the ultimate goal of creating a better future in the process.”

© Andrea Avezzù

Carlo Ratti also mentioned the four methodology pillars to further emphasize the exhibition’s foundation: Transdisciplinarity, highlighting the collaboration between multiple professionals in architectural projects and advancing scientific knowledge, Living Lab, representing the transformation of Venice into dynamic places with various venues in various parts due to the renovation of the Central Pavilion at Giardini, Spaces for Ideas, inviting different voices, visionsü and suggestions to embrace collaborative approach design at a time of crisis, Circularity Protocol, setting the ambitious goals for circularity with developing a Circularity Manifesto with directions and standards for future cultural events.

With the great aim of emphasizing coordination and coherence, the curator also addresses a common prompt for the participating countries: “One place, one solution.” highlighting the local ingenuity.

“If every country brings one success to the table, together we can assemble a global kit for adapting to the future”

Carlo Ratti

The 2025 Venice Architecture Biennale will be open to visitors from May 10 to November 23, 2025.

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