Mayoral Logistics Center covered by arched facades playing with opacity and rhythm

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Mayoral Logistics Center

Spanish architectural firm System Arquitectura unveils its latest creation, the innovative Mayoral Logistics Center Building. Located on the Mayoral campus in Intelhorce, Málaga, next to the protected warehouse designed by Vázquez Molezún and restored by the same team in 2018, the project concept revolves around meticulous urban planning within the complex adjacent to the existing warehouse.

Mayoral Logistics Center Building, a significant structure near the existing Vazquez Molezún warehouse, demanded a delicate approach to ensure seamless integration. System Arquitectura emphasizes that this integration goes beyond the physical, extending to both urban planning and conceptual coherence. The architects sought a shared language rooted in the textile industry, representing both buildings. Visualizing this integration, the architects conceptualized the new building as an envelope engaged in a dialogue with the original warehouse, exploring concepts of fabric transparency, opacity, and perception. The rhythmic arching of the facades transforms dynamically, offering a varied aesthetic experience from different viewpoints.

Mayoral Logistics Center

Driven by the high-storage program requirements, the new building stands tall at 20 meters with a floor area exceeding 15,000 square meters. Its substantial volume, in such close proximity to the 11-meter-tall existing building, necessitated a careful approach to integration. This integration extends beyond volumetric harmony; it strives for a shared language inspired by the textile industry, a commonality between the two structures.

Two fundamental concepts guide the project: first, losing the conventional rectangular prism by curving the facades to soften the height difference and set the new structure from the existing building; second, the search for an envelope with a textile language that engages in a dialogue with the original warehouse, delving into the concepts of fabric transparency and opacity. The four facades, shaped by five large arches, are further fragmented into smaller arches, creating a visual impression of a building draped in fabric—a nod to the artistic expressions of Christo and Jeanne-Claude in various works worldwide.

Mayoral Logistics Center

From a technical standpoint, the project rests on two pillars: prefabrication and energy efficiency. A high degree of prefabrication and meticulous modulation allowed the entire project to be prefabricated off-site and assembled on-site, adhering precisely to timelines and budget, thanks to BIM technology. The triangulated tubular steel structure, boasting beams with spans of up to 32 meters, was manufactured in Lalín, Galicia, and transported for on-site assembly. Simultaneously, the folded zinc sheet facade and the interior polycarbonate skin were manufactured in Asturias and Álava, respectively.

The 20-meter-high facade comprises two layers—an inner layer of translucent polycarbonate offering insulation and waterproofing, and an outer layer of micro-perforated zinc sheet enabling the passage of natural light while protecting against direct solar radiation. This meticulous design improves the thermal transmission coefficient of the facade, resulting in a naturally illuminated interior volume across all four facades, minimising the need for artificial light and regulating the building’s energy consumption.

In conclusion, the Mayoral Logistics Centre Building stands as a testament to System Arquitectura’s unwavering dedication to the seamless amalgamation of architectural elements, urban cohesion, and pioneering design paradigms. This distinctive synthesis of classical aesthetics interwoven with contemporary functionality unfolds a captivating narrative of the evolutionary trajectory of the textile industry.

Project Info

Architect In Charge: Rafael Urquiza
Techical Architect: Rafael Roa Hernández
Industrial Engineer: Alberto Urquiza
Engineering: CEMOSA
Builders: ANDO
Installers: PACISA
Clients: Mayoral Moda Infantil SLU
City: Málaga
Country: Spain
Architects: System Arquitectura
Area: 18814 sqm
Photographs: Fernando Alda
Manufacturers: Danpal, Assa Abloy, BMI, Europerfil, Metaldeza, elZinc

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