Langtin Yuanzhu Experience Hall features a striking rhombus-shaped structure

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Langtin Yuanzhu Experience Hall

The Langtin Yuanzhu Experience Hall by Challenge Design is no ordinary structure; it is a testimony to architectural innovation and the harmonious fusion of art and functionality. The architects behind this project envisioned a space that transcends mere existence, serving as a canvas for inventive artistic expression. In the process, the very texture and form of the building weave together factors of life experiences. The result is a floating building designed to break free from the shackles of conventionality, forming a striking rhombus-shaped structure that leaves an indelible mark on the viewer’s mind.

Nestled at a street corner, the location of this project was chosen to maximize the view, immersing the building in its environment. The creative fold-line design of the architecture engenders an encircling urban space, creating a clear demarcation between the tranquility of the inner sanctuary and the hustle and bustle of the outside world. With its spectacular 270° landscape vision, the building gives an ultimate panoramic vista. But it is not just a place to experience scenic beauty; the structure itself is a landmark in the urban landscape, signifying the uniqueness of the entire experience hall.

From the sceneries to the paths, squares, and steps, every element is thoughtfully incorporated into the design to offer a holistic visual and acoustic experience. The architect’s idea was to create a route system that unfolds like a plot, with curves connecting humans, objects, and elements. The result is a wonderful visual journey that showcases the unique aspirations of the designer.

Langtin Yuanzhu Experience Hall

The preliminary design concept revolved around a steel plate building that seems to float at the water, resembling an eagle soaring from the ground, overlooking the panoramic view of Taizi Lake. The architects aimed to create a structure that might not only be expressive but also provide an experiential and sustainable environment. In their pursuit of innovation, they arranged the structure based on an alienation symbol, taking into account the site, the surrounding environment, the building’s function, and the needs of its users.

To gain a one-of-a-kind appearance, a fold-line design was integrated into the facade, giving the building its unique rhombus shape. When bathed in natural light, this design provides intensity to the building’s texture and plays with light and shadows, fostering a captivating relationship between the building and nature. It creates an artificial geometric form that exists in harmony with the surroundings, forming a zone wherein nature and humans coexist.

Langtin Yuanzhu Experience Hall

On the building’s boundary, minimalist light strips come to life, especially under the night sky. Using 3-layered substances with progressively enhanced layers, the building takes on crystalline characteristics, shimmering in the dark. The rear landscape platform serves a dual motive: guiding the drift of human beings and seamlessly connecting the indoor and outdoor inexperienced areas. A fold-line stair, resembling a sculpture, enhances the plasticity of the landscape while echoing the shape of the building.

Square aluminum tubes form a feather-like texture on the facade, endowing the building with the dynamic integrity of a folded sculpture. The presence of water blurs the boundaries between exterior and interior, making sure the building absolutely integrates with its surroundings. The building’s interior is proof of the meticulous planning that went into its layout. It houses plenty of experiential function areas, including a cafe, children’s activity area, multi-function hall, book bar, and VR experience room, all contributing to the space’s full usage and sustainability.

The layout of these functional areas, with openings and gathering areas, reflects spatial continuity, inviting the visitors to immerse themselves in a delightful visual experience. Within the lobby, terrific sculptures beautify the space, exuding modern style and elegance. The careful choice of materials and the play of lighting create a luminous effect, providing an inviting ambience. As visitors ascend the staircase, natural light pours into the interior exhibition space through large glass windows, ensuring unobstructed outdoor views. The Langtin Yuanzhu Experience Hall is the epitome of architectural ingenuity, fusing aesthetics with capability and offering an awesome space for both artistic expression and everyday living.

Project Info

Area: 1403 sqm
Year: 2018
Lead Architects: Qinghua Zeng
Interior Design: Dongjun International Design Consulting Co.Ltd.
Landscape Design: Shanghai Water and Rock Landscape Environment Design Co.Ltd.
Curtain Wall Design: SDCIC Construction Group Co.Ltd.
Clients: Yuzhou Property
Design Team: Xiaokang Xu, Fang Yan, Lei Jin, Pengcheng Cao, Jingjing Bi
Location: Wuhan, China
Photographs: Weimin Yu

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