DP Architects unveils Singapore Pavilion for Expo 2025 Osaka

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The Dream Sphere, designed by Dp Architects, glowing at night.
Dream Sphere at night © DP Architects

DP Architects unveiled their design for the Singapore Pavilion, “The Dream Sphere,” to be constructed at the Expo 2025 Osaka. By highlighting Singapore‘s innovative, sustainable, and resilient qualities, the pavilion aims to captivate the world at the Expo. The design stands out with its huge spherical shape enclosed with red discs made from recycled materials. Seah Chee Huang, the CEO of DP Architects, mentioned that the design is inspired by the nickname “Little Red Dot.” The design is meant to be a physical representation of this term of endearment, creating a larger-than-life experiential sphere nestled in a dream-like cloudscape.

DP Architects embraces the “Designing Future Society for our Lives” theme of the Expo and aims to create a global call for a more sustainable future with the motto “Where Dreams Take Shape.” The ultimate goal of the pavilion is to inspire and invite visitors to limitless possibilities of dreams and to shape a better future and a more positive world.

Singapore Pavilion Expo 2025 with visitors.
Dream Sphere © DP Architects

“A Dream Sphere, enveloped by over 20,000 Dream Discs made of recycled material, presents a beacon of collective aspiration where we invite the global community on a multisensorial journey to imagine a wondrous world of endless possibilities, powered by dreams and determination to positively shape the lives of people and the planet.”

Seah Chee Huang, the CEO of DP Architects

For both the design and construction process, the DP Architects team embraced the aspiration to create a better and more sustainable future. With the focus on the Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, and Renew approach, they integrated low-carbon and circular materials that are selected through DfMA methodology, allowing easy assembly and disassembly to open the reuse and recycle potential after the expo. The Dream Sphere features Building Integrated Photovoltaics on its rooftop to produce renewable energy. Using 70% post-consumer recycled aluminum in each Dream Disc saved over 100 tons of carbon dioxide emissions throughout the lifetime of the pavilion, starting from the design stage to disassembly.

Expo 2025 Osaka will take place from 13 April to 13 October 2025 in Japan on the artificial island of Yumeshima, located on the waterfront west of Osaka. Under the theme of “Designing Future Society for Our Lives,” this Expo aims to encourage all humans on this planet to think deeper while choosing a way of life and how each of us can contribute to better coexistence.

Learn more about other pavilions revealed for the event, including the Serbia Pavilion by Aleatek Studio, the USA Pavilion by Trahan Architects, the UK Pavilion by Woo Architects, the German Pavilion by LAVA, and more.

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