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Advanced 3D Printing with Grasshopper: Clay and FDM

[maxbutton id=”14″ url=”″ ] Diego Garcia Cuevas is an architect, with expertise in Digital Fabrication. As an authorized Rhinoceros trainer, he teaches architectural geometry and

Algorithms-Aided Design. Parametric strategies using Grasshopper

[maxbutton id=”14″ url=”″ ] Arturo Tedeschi is an architect and computational design specialist with more than ten years of experience in the avant-garde segment of

Generative Design: Visualize, Program, & Create with JavaScript in p5.js

[maxbutton id=”14″ url=”″ ] Hartmut Bohnacker is an interface and interaction designer based in Stuttgart. He is also a professor of interaction design at The

LabStudio: Design Research Between Architecture and Biology

[maxbutton id=”14″ url=”” ] Jenny E. Sabin is a professor of architecture and director of graduate studies at Cornell University. Sabin launched a new research

Computational Design by Neil Leach and Philip F Yuan

[maxbutton id=”14″ url=”” ] Neil Leach is an architect, professor, curator, and writer. He is currently teaching at Tongji University, European Graduate School, and Harvard

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