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Computational Design

Computational Design

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Neil Leach is an architect, professor, curator and writer. He is currently teaching at Tongji University, European Graduate School and Harvard Graduate School of Design. Leach has also taught at many prestigious institutions such as Architectural Association, Cornell University, IaaC and SCI-Arc. In addition to his teaching career, he is also a widely known author with more than 30 books published in the fields of critical theory and digital design. His books include: Rethinking Architecture (Routledge 1997), Designing for a Digital World (Wiley,2002) and Computational Design (Tongji University Press, 2018) for which he collaborated with Philip F Yuan.

Philip F Yuan is an architect with well known international awards and exhibitions.  He is also the co-founder of Archi-Union Architects and Fab-Union Technology. Since 2011, Yuan has been the co-organizer of DigitalFUTURES (an annual academic event on computational design and robotic fabrication). In addition, Yuan also teaches at Tongji University where he is the director of the Digital Design Research Center (DDRC). He published seven books with a focus on the history and delivery of computational design and fabrication theory, in both English and Chinese. His books include: Fabricating the Future (Tongji University Press, 2012), Scripting the Future (Tongji University Press, 2012) and Computational Design (Tongji University Press, 2018) for which he collaborated with Neil Leach.

Computational Design is published by Tongji University Press and it starts with a very enriching introduction about the history of computational design. The book contains two sections that focus on manifestos, methodologies and projects on parametric and algorithmic design. The way computation affects today’s architecture is profoundly discussed in this book. It offers not only visuals, but also, critical evaluations and opinions of prominent figures in architecture, on the latest architectural development.

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