Advanced 3D Printing with Grasshopper: Clay and FDM

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Diego Garcia Cuevas is an architect, with expertise in Digital Fabrication. As an authorized Rhinoceros trainer, he teaches architectural geometry and parametric design at several schools including Universidad Europea of Madrid. In 2011, Diego Garcia Cuevas co-founded Controlmad Advanced Design, an advanced design center for architecture engineering, and design, with Sergio Alonso del Compo. Gianluca Pugliese is a digital fabrication and additive manufacturing expert, with a dedication to sustainability. He teaches 3D printing and robotics, additive manufacturing, and sustainability at IED Madrid and several international design schools. In 2018, Gianluca Pugliese founded Lowpoly, where he develops projects based on Parametric design and sustainable materials.

About Advanced 3D Printing with Grasshopper: Clay and FDM

It was published by Diego Garcia Cuevas and Gianluca Pugliese in April 2020. The book is seen as a bridge that connects the worlds of 3D printing and Grasshopper, as it is composed of five chapters that explain comprehensively how to control 3D printing directly from Grasshopper.

In addition to an enriching introduction to the workflow technology, numerous strategies, solutions, and samples, the authors present an easy format to create G-code within Grasshopper for every user to understand. For this reason, this book is a complete manual not only for engineers and architects but for everyone who wants to learn how to 3D print directly from Grasshopper.

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