AMAALA reveals new HKS-designed marina yacht club in Saudi Arabia

yacht club

HKS design team was tasked with constructing a state-of-the-art facility with remarkable architectural design for the AMAALA Triple Bay Marina Yacht Club in order to provide guests with an amazing yachting lifestyle experience. The designers were also tasked with creating a structure that would serve as a doorway to the Red Sea, allowing public access to the waterfront and marina views without discrimination.

To solve this challenge, the HKS design team built an enthralling free-flowing framework inspired by two sets of geometry. They drew inspiration from mankind’s relationship with the sea and maritime history to create the club’s bespoke cantilevered terraces, which echo the natural shape of the surrounding cliffs. They also looked to the unique rock formations on the Saudi Red Sea coastline to create the club’s bespoke cantilevered terraces, which echo the natural shape of the surrounding cliffs.

yacht club
yacht club

The building’s position at the center of the marina village works as a meeting place for tourists arriving from land and water and covers 7,900m2. Because of the building’s 360-degree design, all service takes place in the basement, while the ground floor arrival level symbolizes the beginning of a magnificent guest trip. The interior of the club, as well as the landscaping detail, are as visually exciting as the façade, with unrivaled attention to detail to help guests stay connected to the landscapes around them.

Triple Bay stretches across three natural bays along the coast and is intended to establish a one-of-a-kind global wellness center based on a commitment to sustainable development. The entire complex is aiming for a LEED Gold rating for environmental sustainability, with the yacht club aiming for a LEED Platinum rating.

AMAALA is a core component of Vision 2030 strategy to diversify the Saudi Arabian economy by fostering rapid growth in the tourism sector. Once fully operational, the project is expected to create approximately 50,000 new direct, indirect, and induced jobs for Saudis and nearly 11 billion riyals to the country’s GDP.

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