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AI Conceptual Architecture 4.0:

New tools have emerged over the past two years, bringing new visualization application techniques. These workshops cover new techniques for all levels, demonstrating image and video production methods utilizing various Generative AI tools. In addition, the workshops will showcase real-time prompting with tools such as Krea and ComfyUI. In general, the aim is to introduce attendees to the latest techniques in Generative AI for visual production and to raise awareness of how to harness the power of these tools truly.

The focus of Studio:

Ai Conceptual Architecture 4.0 is the fourth iteration of the workshops led by Hassan Ragab. Which aims to immerse participants in the innovative use of AI text-to-image tools for architectural design. This advanced workshop focuses on practical applications of Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and Krea AI to create and refine conceptual projects. Participants will learn to craft effective prompts, develop intricate designs, and collaborate on groundbreaking concepts, enhancing their ability to integrate AI into their creative processes.


Day 1:

  • Introductory Lecture: Applications and implications in the current design landscape.
  • Interactive exercises on a Discord channel: Midjourney: Techniques for effective prompting.
  • Enhancing Visuals with Upscalers: Magnific AI for image enhancement.

Day 2:

  • Animation Creation: Exporting enhanced images to Runway ML.
  • Exploring Stable Diffusion: Utilizing tools like Automatic 1111, Control Net, and ComfyUI.
  • Real-Time Prompting Tools: Demonstrating SD Turbo in ComfyUI and
  • Conclusion: Discussion and questions


Important Notes:

  • The AI Conceptual Architecture 4.0 Studio workshop by PAACADEMY will start on Saturday, July 6th, at 16:00 (GMT).
  • Total sessions: 2 Sessions
  • The teaching duration per session will be around 4 hours.
  • Students will have time for a break between teaching hours.
  • Each session and the entire studio will be recorded, and videos will be available for participants just a day after the class for unlimited time.
  • PAACADEMY will provide a certificate of attendance.
  • No previous knowledge of any software is required. You will learn everything in the workshop.
  • The studio has limited seats. Tickets are non-transferable & non-refundable. Please read carefully before you register.


Hassan Ragab

AI Conceptual Architecture 4.0

Hassan Ragab is an architect, interdisciplinary designer, and conceptual artist with 15 years of experience spanning various domains, including architecture, exhibition design, museography, furniture design, computational design, construction, and generative art. Central to his practice, Hassan is passionate about blending identity, beauty, and technology. He believes that all art forms are interconnected, and design narratives should move beyond the modernist ideology of “Form Follows Function,” a concept that has dominated the design world over the past decade.

In January 2023, Hassan Ragab established HSNRGB Studio, an interdisciplinary design and art studio. Since its inception, he has engaged in and collaborated on various projects across the design and art spectrum in numerous countries worldwide. His work encompasses architecture, design, art exhibitions, storytelling, branding, heritage, and advocating and educating about generative art and human heritage. Hassan strongly emphasizes integrating technology with humanity and culture, striving to elevate awareness of their convergence.

Hassan lives in Southern California. His experiences vary between exhibition design, product design, furniture design, and textile design. Hassan’s work is better associated with computation, experimentation, and digital fabrication. Currently, he is providing computational design solutions in the AEC industry for a mega architectural project in downtown LA.

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