Adobe collaborated with Christian Cowan to create an interactive dress

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Christian Cowan
© Christian Cowan

Adobe collaborated with Christian Cowan to create a new dress made of 1,264 petals, 144 stars, and 45,000 hand-placed crystals. The dress was presented as part of the Adobe MAX 2023. The Primrose dress uses laser-cut polymers dispersed in liquid crystal “petals” that can electronically change patterns multiple times per second.

“Project Primrose is more than a technological marvel; it’s a key that unlocks boundless possibilities in fashion design. Traditional clothing, once static, can now be transformed into dynamic expressions of art and technology. With Primrose, designers are empowered to dream bigger, envisioning garments that evolve and interact with their environment through time. The Adobe x Christian Cowan dress exemplifies this vision, merging fabric and technology into a living, breathing work of art.” stated Adobe.

The Primrose Technology-powered Adobe x Christian Cowan Dress is a garment that was developed and turned into a wearable garment in an impressively short period of two months. Thanks to the dress, designers can now create multiple iterations of a single garment, which creates an opportunity for a much deeper level of collaboration between the designer and the customer regarding custom designs.

“The true technological craftsmanship that has gone into this piece is mind-boggling. And the simplicity you are left with is so seamless; you’d never know the layers upon layers of boning, satin, cable work, motherboards, transmitters, and polymer scales that are all at play. The best part about the job I have is to be able to dream, and then make those dreams a reality, this was exactly that.” said Christian Cowan.

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