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Curved wooden benches are constructed from timber, which will be donated to community workshops for local projects after the pavilion's use.

Radial Summer Pavilion by Foster + Partners opens to the public at Principal Place

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Radial Pavilion's primary structure is made of reusable scaffolding, designed to be repurposed across various sites in London.
Radial Summer Pavilion © Aaron Hargreaves / Foster + Partners

Foster + Partners built the Radial Summer Pavilion in collaboration with Brookfield Properties for the London Festival of Architecture (LFA). ‘Radial’ is built from reusable materials to ensure its sustainable legacy. The Pavilion is a focal point on the plaza, fostering community engagement. The project also demonstrates the practice’s approach to promoting emerging talent, with apprentices playing an integral role within the design team.

Architecture is not just about buildings; it’s about the stories they tell, the connections they foster and the dreams they inspire. The pavilion will give those visiting Principal Place in the coming months the opportunity to create new stories.

Saff Williams, Curatorial Director, Brookfield Properties

Radial Pavilion aims to change the story about temporary structures, redirecting attention from the building’s life span to the materials’ life cycle and creating a positive impact beyond its temporary presence. Drawing inspiration from other renovation projects Foster + Partners was involved in, they strived to utilize as many existing building materials as they could and addressed the inevitable waste of materials.

“The pavilion was the perfect brief for me to work on at this point in my apprenticeship as I’ve been able to get to grips with every stage of a project within a relatively short timeframe. With support from mentors and input from senior members of the team, I had the chance to influence the design of the pavilion from the earliest stages. These projects provide important opportunities for apprentices like myself, without which, I would not have been able to achieve my ambition of changing career from property development to architecture.” said Alex Szal, Architectural Apprentice, Foster + Partners.

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