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Norfolk Residential Building

This mixed-use Norfolk Residential Building of Koichi Takada in Burleigh Heads (Queensland, Australia) is a sculptural and empathetic addition to its seaside surroundings, drawing influence from indigenous Norfolk pines. The structure takes on a dynamic sculptural form dedicated to the site’s architectural landscape, which has mostly remained unchanged for nearly three decades.

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Norfolk Residential Building

The inner workings of the Norfolk pines, a natural symbol in the Gold Coast region, are reflected in Norfolk’s sculptural façade. Like the pinecone protecting its seeds providing seclusion and weather protection, Norfolk residential building is designed to adapt to the subtropical sunlight. The structure responds to passive design principles by benefiting from cross ventilation and well-directed natural light and the sloping balcony slabs are intentionally overlapped to shade the outdoor spaces below, lifting people’s living standards.

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Norfolk Residential Building

Besides, the sliding slatted screening provides privacy and protection in the same manner as a pinecone covers the Norfolk Pine’s seeds.

Norfolk Residential Building

Tapered slab edges project, past glazed balustrades, and the curved line of the balconies are connecting the natural ambient light with the interiors. Curved horizontal battens form the center spine of this sculptural structure, emphasizing the design’s organic appearance, providing privacy while acting as a sun-shading feature in the summer, and providing unimpeded ocean panoramas.

Norfolk Residential Building

The north-facing 10-story building comprises fifteen apartments two dual-level penthouses with private rooftop pools, and an impressive ground floor that includes services such as a gym, outdoor pool, and sauna to appreciate the 1,012 square-meter beachfront sites on Goodwin Terrace at the southern end of Burleigh Heads Beach.

Norfolk Residential Building

The hues and textures of the sand, ocean, trees, and sky influence the materiality, resulting in a building that fits well into its coastal surroundings while maintaining its own identity. Natural timber floors run throughout the apartments, visually connecting them to the outside world and allowing living rooms to spill out onto large balconies, blurring the line between inside and out.

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© Photographs by Scott Burrows, Paul Bamford, Cieran Murphy

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