Gate of Zero, A Magnificent Poetry of Seckin Pirim in The Maldives

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Gate of Zero

Gate of Zero, the magnificent poetry of sculpture and philosophy visualized by Seckin Pirim in the Maldives. World-renowned Turkish artist and sculptor Seçkin Pirim has designed the ‘Gate of Zero’ pavilion as a permanent sculpture for the Joali Being, a wellness center located on Bodufushi Island in the Maldives. The designer used complex algorithms using parametric design and computational tools to generate the pavilion’s geometry. The statue-like geometry serves as a gateway and welcomes visitors to the island. Inspired by the skirt form of whirling dervishes, the pavilion allows visitors to walk through it and enjoy the inner spaces.

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Gate of Zero

As described by the designer, some of the critical points of the design were to think about the renewal, transformation, and reaching the zero point in direct proportion to the philosophy of Joali Being. The design demonstrates a close relationship with Mevlana’s philosophy, and it also becomes relatively consistent at this zero point.

Gate of Zero

The project was created by bringing together similar forms of varying scale using the complex parametric design and fabrication tools. The structure offers spectacular perspectives from different angles to the guests approaching the island. The iconic sculpture symbolizes the visitors’ connection with the island and gives clues to the visitors about the adventure where they will start from scratch and rediscover and purify themselves.

Gate of Zero
Gate of Zero

“The island hotel is a formation founded on both soul and body cleansing. Since I read Mevlana a lot in my childhood, I have created my work based on his skirt form. ‘When you pass through the statue and enter the island, you must leave yourself outside, and when you go inside, you become in another self.’ With this thought, I set out on the road. In big projects such as the Gate of Zero in the Maldives, I always want people to live, get into the sculpture, and be one with the sculpture. It has become an iconic building. Because there are thousands of islands in the Maldives, but none of them have anything like this”. Reported by Seray Tulay of DAC.

Project Name: Gate of Zero
Location: The Maldives
Designer: Seckin Pirim
Photographs: Courtesy of Seckin Pirim

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