Changsha International Conference Center features a pattern of Chinese folding fans

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Changsha International Conference Center

The Changsha International Conference Center, built by SCAD in Changsha, China, features an abstract portrayal of cultural elements in a fashion that takes inspiration from traditional Chinese aesthetics. It consists of natural, architectural, and cultural aspects, emphasizing the harmonious relationship between humanity and its surrounding environment.

The project, located in Changsha City’s High-velocity Railway New Town, overlooks Changshan Railway Station across a river and lies next to Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center to its south. It covers a land area of about 212,700 sq.m and a gross floor area of about 170,000 square meters, with the above-floor space occupying 136,000 sq meters and the underground section spanning 44,000 square meters.

Changsha International Conference Center

The facade of the building is influenced by using Chinese landscape ink painting,as well as the dynamic environment portrayed inside the local guqin classic at the Xiao and Xiang rivers. The facade mimics bamboo slips with a parametric design that carries 7,500 perforated metallic panels of different lengths, widths, and densities into a 900-meter-long landscape painting-style facade skin. This layout appears against the backdrop of the flowing Liuyang River, highlighting Changsha’s city identity, which is known for its rivers.

The angular perforated metallic panels with vertical lines function as sunshade components, not only increasing the rigidity of the metal plates but also retaining the façade clean and durable. This reduces dust and dirt accumulation, which is common in buildings with horizontal stripes, whilst also taking into consideration Changsha’s rainy weather. On cloudy days, the folding surface offers a mesmerizing interaction of light and shade resembling ink-wash artwork.

Changsha International Conference Center

The layout includes a 3-story tower with 60 meeting halls and rooms that could accommodate up to 10,500 humans. The architectural design meticulously embraces Chinese cultural factors, resulting in a spatial sequence that captures the spirit of historical Chinese architecture. Inspired by conventional Chinese aesthetics such as mountain contours, traditional sloped roofs, and the pattern of spread out Chinese folding fan, the design comprehensively translates culture, emphasizing the nonviolent coexisting of human social civilization and the natural surroundings, as well as the harmony of nature and man.

The building’s design employs a ‘layered zoning’ technique to reduce energy usage throughout operation. The conference center may be partitioned into multiple components, taking into account separate usage primarily based on unique needs. Every area has its own air conditioning and electrical systems that may be regulated one after the other, reducing resource waste caused by massive interconnected areas.

The project relies on passive energy-saving strategies, as well as an entirely inexperienced building approach that includes both active and passive energy-saving measures. A huge open-air parking region is placed outside the conference area.

The parking space is designed using a green method according to Sponge City standards. During conferences, it could accommodate external parking and exhibition installations. On weekdays, it is open to the public as a park, merging into Changsha citizens’ everyday life and invigorating the High-speed Railway New Town communities.

The project has a roof greening rate of over 75%, and rainwater is collected and reused for outside use. In addition, solar energy systems are placed on the roof, and air conditioning and fresh air units are geared up with G4 primary air filters, electrostatic precipitators, and ionic fans for purification. A water-saving micro sprinkling watering machine has also been set up. Furthermore, CO2 concentration measurement systems have been deployed at strategic indoor and underground places.

The center is an important venue, hosting global events and appreciably growing Changsha’s international connectivity and having an impact. It serves as a landmark, symbolizing the city’s ambition of creating a conference and exhibition hub in imperative China, even as additionally contributing to economic improvement and identity promotion.

Project Info

Architects: Architectural Design and Research Institution of SCUT
Area: 169464 sqm
Year: 2020
Photographs: Li Yao
Manufacturers: KIBING, Meiyada, Mingdi
Lead Architects: Jingtang He, Jianfa Qiu, Yongzhen Wu
Landscape Design: CSC Landscape, Architectural Design & Research Institute of SCUT Co., Ltd., AECOM Guangzhou
Interior Design: Beijing Gangyuan Architectural Decoration Design Institute Co., Ltd.
Lighting Design: Grand Sight United Lighting Design Limited
Architectural Design Team: Qixia Li, Zhidong Chen, Zejun Pei, Junlin Xie, Menghao Luo, Heng Mai, Haonan Chen, Zhibiao Chen, Lin Lin, Hongsheng Zou, Zhiliang Liang, Zhishan Huang, Changyong Luo, Daijie Wu, Xinxi Deng, Xiao Liu, Renyu Wang, Hao Su, Xiance Zeng, Yunye Cao, Liu Yang, Yi Jiang, Guangshuang Liu, Wan Yang, Weiwen Yi, Hongjin Cen, Baoling Guan, Yang Yu, Shijia Guo, Pujie Huang, Yaobing He, Shigang He, Wenbin Hu, Chenchen Wu, Wangyang Geng, Ximei Fan, Guangwei Huang, Huazhong Zhou
Client: Changsha Chengtou International Conference and Exhibition Center Investment and Development Co., Changsha Guangda Convention & Exhibition Development & Operation Co.
Facade: Shenzhen Sanxin Facade Engineering Co., Ltd.,, Architectural Design & Research Institute of SCUT Co., Ltd., Beijing Jangho Curtain Wall System Engineering Co., Ltd.
Construction Drawings: PTLANSON ARCHITECTURE
Signage Design: XGX Design
City: Changsha
Country: China

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