AtkinsRéalis to assist masterplan for the New Murabba in Riyadh

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New Murabba Development Company announced AtkinsRéalis to assist masterplan for the New Murabba, a modern downtown project in Riyadh.

Sabah Barakat, Acting CEO of New Murabba Development Company, said: “We are proud to recognize the important role that AtkinsRéalis has played so far in the translation of the incredible vision of this project into the design of the masterplan and the iconic Mukaab building. We’re also pleased to recognize the ongoing involvement of AtkinsRéalis in this project through a series of recent contract awards relating to the further detailing and definition of the overall New Murabba masterplan and infrastructure design, as well as the concept design of the iconic Mukaab building.”

“The New Murabba project aligns with Saudi Arabia’s national vision aimed at developing the infrastructure, enabling the private sector, and creating job opportunities for local talent,“ added Campbell Gray, AtkinsRéalis, Middle East & Africa CEO. “We are proud to work with NMDC on this ambitious project and bring our global engineering excellence and design expertise, underpinned by cutting-edge technologies and sustainable solutions, to deliver a long-lasting legacy for the Kingdom and its future generations.”

AtkinsRéalis won the competition with their design concept that draws inspiration from Najdi Architecture. The focus of the design is to create a futuristic landmark that blends Riyadh’s cultural heritage with its aspirations for the future. The project, called Mukaab, consists of an external envelope that covers an internal skyscraper, which is set to become one of the largest structures ever built in the world. The skyscraper will be 400m high, 400m wide, and 400m long.

“Synonymous with designing iconic landmarks in the Middle East, AtkinsRéalis has established a stellar reputation for delivering people-centric destinations combining the region’s cultural identity with modern urban standards, “ said Matthew Tribe, Managing Director, Planning, Design, and Engineering at AtkinsRéalis, Middle East & Africa. “This project win is a testament to our innovative architectural design approach set to redefine downtowns of the future living experience not only in Riyadh but also globally.”

The Mukaab is scheduled for completion several years earlier than the entire New Murabba project, which is due to be finished by 2030.

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