Yango unveils AI-driven warehouse robotics

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Yango is set to debut AI-driven warehouse robotics solutions at Seamless Middle East, aiming to reduce fulfillment costs across various sectors.

“In e-commerce, fulfillment costs represent a third of companies’ operating expenses and are on the rise – for instance, at Amazon, these costs increased from 31% of net sales in 2021 to nearly 36% in 2023.” Yango will introduce mobile warehouse robotics solutions for inventory management and order fulfillment processes, which are crucial for today’s fast-moving market environments. Robots are also used actively in the construction sector to help workers build structures faster and safer.

The robots can autonomously navigate the warehouse and work together with other machines to get tasks done faster and better. These innovations are critical as the Middle Eastern online retail sector is expected to reach above $35,853 million by 2025, reflecting the urgent need for efficient logistics solutions.


Alexei Filippov, Head of Global Business Development at Yango Robotics, commented on the launch stating, “As fulfillment costs continue to rise, our warehouse robotics solutions come at a crucial time to help businesses not just survive but thrive. Our new robotics pick-and-place platform, mobile warehouse robotics solutions and other technologies show Yango’s commitment to innovation and efficiency, driving significant cost reductions and operational enhancements for our clients across the region. We’re excited to debut these AI-powered solutions at Seamless Middle East and showcase its value across industries.”

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