Object 12-1: An Architectural Attire Designed by Matija Čop

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Object 12-1

Fashion and architecture are co-related from ancient times, albeit it hasn’t knitted in such explicit. Object 12-1 represent a garment from the future, envisioned by the Croatian designer Matija Čop, inspired by the architecture of the gothic era with intertwining features. These garments adept in a structural play of foam pieces concerning construction techniques and contours elevated from the gothic architecture.

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Object 12-1

The design exposes an iterative articulation as every element relates to the whole in a proportionate fashion sensation. The forms flow and flaunt a numinous expression, defining a statement beyond emotions and actions. The design configures a series of tabs and slots, laser-cut from rectangular sections of soft, water and UV resistant foam, that attaches and locks together without the use of stitches or glue.

Object 12-1

The architecture of the gothic plays a major part in the vision of these attires. Taking the plans of cathedrals such as St. Jacob’s in Šibenik, Croatia and their elements of construction are infused into the layout of the garment’s sections.
The design presents such flexibility to visualize different sized components assembled to create sculptural shapes that reference the magnificent arches and iconic domes of the gothic taken apart, rearranged and reimagined in a contemporary style.

“Object 12-1 can be deconstructed and reconstructed in a completely different shape whenever one wishes,” says Čop.
“The qualities of the material make both sides soft and easily adjustable to the body,” he added.

Object 12-1

On a closer look, you can notice the intricacies in the design as one dress curves out from the hips, away from the body, then sweep back past the head like the ceiling arc of a voluptuous vault. The round circular white hat with patterns flourishing in a symphony resembles a rose window.

One particular item integrates sleeves that are narrow around the wrist then expand and rise toward the body, reaching from shoulder to hip to envisage triangular shapes that represent tantalizing turrets.

Object 12-1

The Object 12-1 garment are experimented on the shades of grey or bright blue, creating a peculiar contrast and can be worn inside-out to expose the irregular surfaces of the amalgamating flaps.

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