MVRDV revealed the tribune-shaped building for Strijp-S

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MVRDV has revealed its design for The Tribune, a mixed-use building located next to the Ketelhuisplein in Eindhoven’s rapidly developing Strijp-S neighborhood. The building, designed for the housing association Trudo, provides affordable housing and interconnected green spaces for residents. The project features 56 apartments, comprising a mix of social housing and mid-sector rental units. These apartments are located above a two-story commercial base. The design is arranged in a stepped, tribune-like shape, turning the building into a grandstand overlooking one of the city’s most vibrant public squares.

The site, Strijp-S, was originally built as part of the Philips electronic company’s factory complex. However, the district underwent a major transformation after Philips’ relocation in the 1990s. The area became the center of Eindhoven’s culture and is now hosting Dutch Design Week. A mix of creative businesses and residents living in renovated factories and contemporary high-rises surround the area.

The design of the Strijp-S Tribune reflects the key points influenced by the region’s industrial past. At the back of the site, there is the Haasje Over tower. Therefore, the building starts eight stories tall and steps down to two stories alongside the plaza of the Ketelhuisplein. This design approach serves as a link between the open space and the high-rise buildings. It also connects with the two-story Area 51 and the large Anton building on either side. The stepped shape of the building also ensures that the Anton building, which would have been hidden from view by a building in this location, is visible.

The building’s form was meticulously shaped to fit neatly with the surroundings. Using a similar approach, the main material for the facade was selected as grey-brown timber, which brings a softer and more natural aspect to the neighborhood that is dominated by brick and concrete. The stepped design of the building provides large terraces that also bring interconnected greenery to the building in various parts. These green terraces create communal outdoor spaces for both residents and the adjacent apartments. They are connected by staircases, with each accessible from the central corridor on each floor, allowing residents to easily move between communal terraces on different levels.


The Tribune features spaces suitable for commercial functions, such as retail stores, cafes, restaurants, and offices, on the bottom two floors. The apartments are situated on the floors above, which can be accessed through wide corridors that receive daylight from both ends and include internal windows. This corridor design creates a street-like environment to promote social interaction and community building among residents.

Designed by MVRDV, the construction of the Strijp-S Tribune is expected to begin in late 2024, with completion planned in 2025.

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