Hong Kong’s new landmark by ZHA reaches roof levels

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West Kowloon Terminus and ZHA's new landmark development
Hong Kong’s new landmark development designed by ZHA © Hayes Davidson

Zaha Hadid Architects recently revealed that the studio’s new development above Hong Kong High-Speed Rail West Kowloon Terminus has reached the roof level. The almost 300,000 square meter development connects the existing and emerging neighborhoods with public gardens and landscaped plazas. The design integrates with the station and its rooftop park, a major gateway between Hong Kong and mainland China.

The development features the highest standards of civic, office, and retail spaces. It is also located next to the Kowloon and Austin stations of Hong Kong’s MTR metro network and is a vital part of the 1.5 km landscaped pedestrian West Kowloon Parkway. This provides direct access to the harbor side and parks of the West Kowloon Cultural District.

Complementing the unique geometry of West Kowloon Terminus, the design aims to maximize outdoor public space and improve natural ventilation while respecting the ridgeline of Kowloon’s mountains to the north. The plan also includes workspaces designed for people, with adaptable floor plates of up to 6690 square meters. These spaces will offer access to planted terraces on all floors and views over Hong Kong.

The towers are divided into interconnected “petals” of varying orientations and heights, creating a striking silhouette on West Kowloon’s skyline. Each tower tapers inward to reduce the perceived volume and features vertical shading pleats on the facades that extend over each rooftop to provide shelter for roof terraces and sky gardens.

The development’s planning places great importance on energy efficiency. The project has not only achieved an “excellent” BREEAM rating but also the highest ratings of LEED, WELL, and HK BEAM Plus pre-certification. This is due to incorporating a high-performance facade with low thermal transfer values and solar shading fins. While photovoltaic panels are integrated at the roof level and facade to reduce energy demand from Hong Kong’s electricity grid, also a centralized plant of high-efficiency HVAC system contributes to heat recovery and smart building management systems to ensure the highest standards of comfort and air quality with a significant reduction in energy consumption.

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