Endesa Pavilion Designed by IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia)

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Endesa Pavilion

The classic architecture quote ‘Form Follows Function’ has been deployed and defined in a variety of connotations. Endesa Pavilion, envisaged by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) iterates the statement ‘Form Follows Energy’. An amalgamation of angular boxed structures displays a self-sufficient solar prototype installed at the Marina Dock, within the framework of the International BCN Smart City Congress.

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Endesa Pavilion

The structure engages as a control room for monitoring and testing several projects related to intelligent energy management. Endesa Pavilion marks as a prototype for multi-scaled architectural construction and procedures. The facade extrudes in a modular arrangement, placing each component composed like solar brick, adhering to the photovoltaic acquisition, solar protection, insulation, ventilation, and lighting. The same logic behind the parametric adapts the cubic geometries to the specific environmental requirements as each angle and plane directs to the desired destination.

Endesa Pavilion

Interior and exterior spaces interact with the users in a humble persona. A single component integrates all levels of intelligence required by the building. The facade unfastens, reacting to the solar path, being active and becoming permeable towards the south, while becoming closed and protective towards the north. The behaviour of this crisply defined skin makes evidently visible to the environmental and climatic processes that weave the prototypes.

Endesa Pavilion

Endesa Pavilion

The final geometry retorts to the energy of the place. Thus, the pavilion becomes permeable and active towards the south, where the interaction energy maximises.; Towards north comes opaque, closed and protective, minimising the heat transfer. Higher overhangs allow more energy collection and greater protection against the incident radiation during summer. Solar calculation software, connected to the logic of parametric design, allows us to reach an optimised solution. Each module, at each point, responds with analytical accuracy to the specific stresses of the distinctive orientation and position.

The current digital fabrication techniques, and the latest advances in energy management and distributed production, make technology closer to the user, open and partaking. The Endesa Pavilion is an accessible device, technologically soft and easily comprehensible. Its development, materials and energy, and its climatic behaviour are transparent to the inhabitant. The team has applied digital fabrication procedures to speed up the construction times. Each piece frames a unique code, the assembly comes later like solving a 3D puzzle.

Architects: Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) / Arch. Rodrigo Rubio and Arch. Miguel Guerrero
Wood Engineering: Fupicsa (MetsäWood)
Photovoltaic Engineering: TFM (Comsa)
Promoted by: Visoren SA
Client: Endesa
Photographer: Adriá Goula

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