Yuyuan Station, An Attraction Spot With Its Vivid Look

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Yuyuan Station

Yuyuan Station of Shangai Subway, located in a cross-section area, got a refreshed look and a smooth design in 2022. Xiong Xing’s leading team from XING DESIGN designed a project that contains both historical and contemporary features, an originally designed significant node, and a meeting spot.

Yuyuan Station

An intensive design response was applied to the communicative main cultural location by parametric features. Thereby, the ceiling design got its inspiration from the Huangpu River and the Chinese City God Temple, with wavy lines and fluidity demonstrating a rhythmic atmosphere at the top. Also, the white color used is a source of clarity and vivid interior space, enabling a fluent subway experience in an extremely crowded environment of Shangai, China.

Yuyuan Station

Specified by its architects, the civil interior structures such as walls, columns, and floor spaces were a challenge at the beginning and the Yuyuan Station plan includes a heterogenous ceiling pipes distribution. In fact, this is where parametric design influenced the project’s fate by controlling the cost of mass production and installation of non-standard units in order to adapt to changes.

Yuyuan Station

Specifically, the aluminum ceiling is decorated in different color lighting options in order to celebrate and notify the significant days, particularly holidays in China such as the China – Red for the National Day, the Spring Festival, and Valentine’s Day. The lightning decorations of the interior space also are open to the public for submission, thus participation in aesthetic decisions is provided publicly in Shanghai, China.

Yuyuan Station

Project Info:

Architecture Office: XING DESIGN
Completion Date: 2022
Photographs: Shengliang Su
Manufacturers:  Shanghai Jiugao Energy Conservation Technology Co.,Ltd, Shanghai Nordprofil Metal Ceiling Co.,Ltd
Lead Architect: Xiong Xing
Design Team: Xing Xiong, Mo Chen, Weiqiao Lin, Meizi Ren, Sheng Lei, Ziai Huang, Hengmo Hu, Yiyuan Lynn, Zina Li, Yimeng Tang, Xueyin Lu, Qingying Chi, Wenxuan Huang
Client: Shanghai Metro

Studio Workshops:
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