Studio + Fórmica inspired by modernist lines, by Studio Arquitetônico

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Inspired by modernist lines, Studio + Fórmica, a venue in CASACOR Minas stands out for its organically shaped building, conceived to commemorate the Semana de 22 (Brazilian Modern Art Week). Architects Assis Humberto and Marcus Vinícius, founders of Studio Arquitetônico, were tasked with designing the Studio + Fórmica project, a functional kitchen for CASACOR Minas. As a trade fair tradition, the space has been used to host a series of meals and exhibitions, providing both a meeting space and an embodiment of the Minas Gerais culture where people gather around the table and enjoy food together. The program includes invited chefs to attend and participate in a range of events such as brunch, lunch, dinner, and wine tastings.

Assis Humberto and Marcus Vinícius designed an architecture that explores organic forms. “In our architecture, we pay homage to this movement. Our contemporary trait was added to elements of modernist culture, such as the slender curves, free spans, and the glass box, which delimits the lounge, without losing the connection with nature. The furniture and works of art reinforce this connection with what is ours”, highlights Marcus Vinícius.”

The result of the design is surprising because of its lightness, beauty of curves, and harmony with its surroundings. Entering the site via a suspended walkway through the garden, the visitor is directed to a glass-maintained lounge surrounded by the garden, which serves as the “kitchen” vestibule. The challenge for the two designers was to move the focus away from the kitchen and create a harmonious dialogue between all the spaces in the site, creating distinct but complementary atmospheres.

Studio + Fórmica was designed as a “feeling kitchen”. Furniture designed in collaboration with Prima Linea, inspired by the architect’s childhood. The Jirau table is just that, referring to the ancient jirais and the comfortable chair Taboca, a South American Indian word meaning bamboo in Brazil.

Project Info

Area: 215 sqm
Also: 2022
Manufacturers: AMÉMCASA, Digital Concept, Construflama, Deca, ESTUDIO DANIEL COUTINHO, Elettromec , Formica, Celma Albuquerque Gallery, Armind Group, Jader Almeida, Marie Camille, Portinari, Primalinea, RP MARMORES, SANTA CECILIA MARCENARIA, Simon, São Romão, Tecai, Templuz, Tintas Coral
Leading Architects: Assis Humberto Ribeiro, Marcus Vinicius dos Santos
Conception and Three-Dimensional Visualization: Assis Humberto Ribeiro
Design and Technical Execution: Marcus Vinicius dos Santos
Constructor: Construtora Build
Engineering: FACIT Engineering
Air conditioning: ECOTEMP
Locksmithing: Electrowelding Locksmithing
Frames: Electroglass
Landscaping: Ana Campos Landscaping, Kat Landscaping
Photography: Estudio NY18, Daniel Mansur

Studio Workshops:
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