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Paper Sculpture Bag by Wanda Barcelona

Paper Sculpture Bag by Wanda Barcelona

Named after the Spanish architecture studio, The Wanda Bag was crafted with paper as a part of “Lady Dior, as seen by” collection for the luxury couture brand DIOR. 2,400 pieces of 3D formed paper was knitted up together at a 45-degree angle, one by one in the creation of this hand crafted sculpture.

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The use of cannage motif and origami techniques in a triple layered way enabled this work to have a dynamic deepness and a rhythmic transparency. This tuneful design of “Espace-Object-Sensation” expands the use of a basic material with the help of 3D design technology.

Wanda Barcelona is an interprofessional studio in Spain that focuses on traditional methods in the production of its designs. The company is specialized in creating designs by using paper and cardboard.

Architect: Wanda Barcelona

Designed and Crafted For: Christian Dior

Year: 2013

Characteristics: 2,400 Mini Paper Sculptures

Photographs: Wanda Barcelona

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