Nokha Village Community Center promotes community engagement in the desert

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a curved building with a walkway going up to Nokha Village Community Centre

Designed by Sanjay Puri Architects, Nokha Village Community Center is situated in Rajasthan, India’s desert area of Nokha, and the structure was designed as a memorial for Padmaramji Kularia.

The main 836.127 square-meter spiral building transforms into an inclined garden with two different slopes, suitable for gatherings and recreational activities. From the rooftop, there are views of the surrounding desert terrain. A tiny museum under the garden may be found on the lower eastern side, while on the higher western side is a children’s digital library.

a curved building with a walkway going up to Nokha Village Community Centre

A grass-covered earth berm envelops the southern side to reduce heat input in response to the desert climate, where 35 to 40°C temperatures are typical for 8 months of the year. The building’s amphitheater creates an open courtyard that may be used for gatherings, conversations, and musical performances.

The circular library is covered in naturally occurring sandstone panels inspired by Rajasthani traditional architecture and sourced from the nearby vicinity. Throughout the day, these screens produce varied shadow patterns and lessen heat gain. The library serves all of the village schools in the area; the majority of them lack separate libraries.

a group of people standing on top of a green roof

The roof garden berms’ scooped recesses provide indirect lighting for the museum. A linear amenity block including a café, restrooms, shops, and parking sides at the northern entrance to make servicing big crowds easier. The courtyard facing north, the southern grass berm, the stone screens, and the rooftop gardens all work together to minimize heat gain, making the spaces more energy-efficient.

Nokha Village Community Center’s construction is sustainable thanks to rainwater gathering and recycling, which are done using local craftsmen and contract labor with locally sourced materials. A building that is barely 810 square meters in built-up area produces a 2,508-square-meter open auditorium, around 837 square meters of rooftop garden, and four times as much useable space as built space.

an aerial view of Nokha Village Community Centre

Project Info

Location: Silwa-Mulwas, Nokha, Rajasthan, India
Client : Padam Interiors
Architects: Sanjay Puri Architects
Lead Architect: Mr. Sanjay Puri
Design Team: Omkar Rane, Madhavi Belsare , Arjun Gupta
Interior Design Consultant: Sanjay Puri Architects
Structure Consultant: Vijaytech Consultants Pvt. Ltd
Landscape Design: Sanjay Puri Architects
Main Contractor: Jagram Suthar
Photo: Mr. Vinay Panjwani

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