Eco-floating Hotel inspired by the formation of the vortex

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The Eco-floating Hotel is a project expected to take place in Qatar. Still, it has the potential to be situated in a variety of locations due to its unique mobility feature. Project concept created by HAADS. They conceived this project for P.H. Tourism & Hotel Management. Their team analyzed the project with diverse perspectives and technical knowledge from various fields. In this regard, advisors from many professions, such as shipbuilding engineers and ship architects, were crucial to the project’s success.
The proposed design method uses the motto of lowest energy loss and zero waste as a principle. It creates electrical energy by revolving around its location according to the water and gives customers diverse viewpoint experiences due to its distinctive moving feature.

The Eco-Floating Hotel


The vortex concept reflects the rotating action observed on the surface of the water to the upper cover of the structure. It not only stays in this layer but also penetrates the mass via a capillary effect.
The proposal, inspired by the development of the vortex, spins around itself within the framework of controls to achieve the specified electrical energy efficiency while also providing its users with a continuous panorama of perspective. It finishes the entire tour in 24 hours.

The Eco-Floating Hotel


The Eco-floating Hotel has 152 rooms and a construction area of 35.000 m2. The hotel was designed as a 5-star hotel. In terms of shape and design philosophy, the Eco-floating Hotel is inspired by the water. The project will perform best in regions with a consistent and predictable current.

The Eco-Floating Hotel

However, the sea, which provides the building with physical and palpable power and receives the necessary return in a mutualistic form, also controls the structure’s design through the vortex concept. If the water is created and disappears by itself, making a regular Current, and the shape is thought to have risen with its borders and grown onto a platform, it will provide a translucent mass silhouette. This image fueled and supported the initiative.

The Eco-Floating Hotel

Dynamic Position

The Dynamic positioning (DP) system will also work in this project to correct the rotation and maintain the platform position. The mentioned system is a computer-controlled system that uses its propellers and thrusters to maintain a ship’s location and direction autonomously.
The 140-degree pier that surrounds the Floating Hotel, which has three entrances, attempts to offer access from land at any time of day.

The Eco-Floating Hotel

Ecological Balance

The element utilized in green energy production in a project aiming at the maximum benefit to ecological balance is termed VAWT (vertical axis wind turbine) and umbrella, which functions as a wind turbine on the vertical axis and has a role as a sun umbrella on the coastal band.
Another aspect of energy generation to consider is the proper utilization of green spaces and rainfall. In this regard, it is intended to function in a way relevant to the design identity while also processing the project landscape effectively.

The Eco-Floating Hotel

Water Management

The vortex-inspired top cover of the hotel also serves as a rainwater collection system. The water collected here may be used as gray water with treatment, and its primary function is to maintain the water balance.
The water necessary will be acquired through purification from the sea, much as the hotel’s water requirement may be supplied with gray water. It will also treat the wastewater it generates, ensuring that it does not affect the environment.

Feasibility and technical investigations are still being conducted to complete the implementation phase. Although no specific completion date has been set, the structure is expected to be completed in 2025.

The Eco-Floating Hotel

Project Info

Architects: Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio (HAADS)
Location: Doha, Qatar
Year: 2021
Status: Unbuilt
Client: P.H. Tourism & Hotel Management
Floor Area: 35.000 m²
Site Area: 7.500 m²

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