Electric Nemeton Christmas Tree Envisioned By Sam Jacob Studio

Free Mind Visions of The Electric Nemeton Christmas Tree by Sam Jacob Studio

Electric Nemeton Christmas Tree Envisioned By Sam Jacob Studio

The evergreen fir tree traditionally been used to celebrate winter festivals for thousands of years. The triangle in its basic shape represents the symbol of Christ and a new life. The Electric Nemeton Christmas Tree is visualized by Sam Jacob Studio. It electrifies the mood in King’s Cross, London.

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The tree soars 11m high in a sharp angle, drawing inspiration from the origins of the Christmas tree tradition. It flows with the vision of the ancient forest and symbolism of the midwinter tree. Moreover, Nemetons denotes to the ancient Celtic groves, weaved using the natural landscape. It also serves as sacred gathering place. This aspect reflects the design as well as creating a space for visitors to stride through the structure in amusement.

Electric Nemeton Christmas Tree Envisioned By Sam Jacob Studio

It was indeed a challenge for the design team to deliver the programme in a short turnaround. Subsequently, the work progressed in close tandem alongside fabricator Jamps Studio and Sam Jacob’s Studio for design development. The completion of the for the illuminating show took just 8 weeks. The 8 week timeline includes both delivery and fabrication.

Electric Nemeton Christmas Tree Envisioned By Sam Jacob Studio

The complex structure also includes timber grid of ‘branch’ pyramids. Support coming from steel ‘trunks’ cantilever a steel grillage below. The chosen material drives maximum structural efficiencies. Besides, when the seasonal period ends the installation will be recycled. The design team devised a graceful solution. The solution allows the aesthetics of the delicate columns alongside channelling minimal wind movements into its zones. Considerable amount of stacked weights prevent sliding of the structure. The weights are in the timber deck below, so they are not visible.


Location: London, UK
Year: 2020
Client: King’s Cross
Architect: Sam Jacob Studio
Height: 11m
Engineer: AKT 11

Christmas Tree

News Via: akt-uk.com

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