Airbnb recreates the floating house from Disney’s “Up”

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floating house
© Airbnb

Airbnb has constructed a replica of the floating house that was shown in the 2009 animated movie “Up” for its Icons program, a category that provides unique experiences in various unusual places, such as Home Alone Holiday hosted by Buzz, a stay at Malibu Dream House hosted by Ken, or a night at X-mansion hosted by Jubilee, and many more. Now the Up house is waiting for the visitors in Abiquiu, New Mexico.

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the film Up, Airbnb has brought Carl and Ellie’s house to life in detail. The house comprises one bedroom, one bathroom, and a pull-out bed in the living room, which allows it to accommodate up to four guests. The house includes various details from the movie, such as the Easter eggs. Visitors are transported into a cozy and whimsical atmosphere, reminiscent of the movie.

floating house
© Airbnb

As guests enter, they will be greeted by pictures of Carl and his wife, Ellie, displayed on the walls, along with their beloved Adventure Book. They will also see the backpack of Russell the Wilderness Explorer, the bed of Dug the Talking Dog, and other sentimental items that will take them on a nostalgic journey. Visitors can enhance their movie-like experience by participating in a variety of activities inspired by the film. These activities include doing chores like fetching Carl’s mail, preparing a picnic kit for adventurous pursuits, and creating group activities to create their own Adventure Book. All these activities will make visitors earn badges like Caretaker, Daydreamer, Homebody, Adventurer, Stargazer, Sleepyhead, and Early-riser.

Similar to the one in the film, the house also floats. Over 8,000 balloons were used to create the iconic scene of the floating house in the movie. As guests remain on the ground, they will witness the house floating with the help of a large crane. The host, Carl Fredricksen, invites visitors as he says: “My greatest adventures have happened here, and I learned that the best ones are always with someone you love, so bring your pals to kickstart your very own Adventure Book and watch as my house drifts off before you depart.”

floating house
© Airbnb

Visits to the unique house are now only available by request. Fans who are interested in this experience can fill out a request on Airbnb‘s site and share their reasons for wanting to stay in the house. Airbnb will choose participants from the submissions that are accepted until May 14, 2024.

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